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17 More Days Pt.1

17 More Days Pt.1

By Callie_Writes

17 More days

Hi. My name is Skylar Crown. I am 15 years old and I am in the summer going into my first year of high school. My parents are divorced, and I live with my dad, little brother and my two dogs, Rascal and T-bone. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite animal is a racoon. I enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, softball, and occasionally soccer. I also enjoy reading writing and drawing very much. I am very excited because there is only 17 more days until I get to be a freshman.

15 More days

I am so excited not only because I get to be a freshman in two weeks also because tomorrow I go to New York to visit my aunt and uncle. I love it there. I love how many people there are there and last time I went there I made a new friend named Carrie and I met this cute guy named Max. I later found out he was gay. He is the only one I still am in contact with. We text so much. I arranged it so the first two days I’m there I am at Max’s house then I ride the bus to my aunt’s house.

14 More days

I’m in the car with my dad and my brother driving to the airport. My brother and I are playing car bingo and so far, he is winning because I am honestly not trying I’m mostly just listening to my music and occasionally pointing something out on the card. Then I fall asleep only to be awoken after what feels like five minutes. I sleepily grab my two bags and dog kennel out of the back of the car. Oh yeah, I forgot Rascal is a service dog. He helps me because I have social anxiety and often have panic attacks and he has been taught exactly what to do if I have a panic attack. My dad kisses me on the forehead as I walk to go get my bags checked and show my service animal certification.

On the Plane

As I board the plane, I start breathing heavily and Rascal stops walking and sits down a signal that means I need to stop and take a breath, so I do. Once my breathing returns to normal I keep on walking on the plane. Once I leave the boarding ramp I feel much better. I find a window seat knowing ill be safe with rascal by my side. A lady comes to sit with me and I start to panic. I usually don’t sit with people I don’t know on the plane because most of them try to start a conversation. Without even commanding rascal he jumped up on the seat next to me. The lady looked at me in confusion and said that there are no animals allowed on the plane. Without saying anything I grabbed my backpack and pulled rascal’s service dog vest out of my backpack. Then she looked at me nodded her head and said sorry to bother you. Then rascal jumped off the seat and laid back down on the ground. There are fourteen rows on each side of the plane and each of the rows has two seats then the next one has two more and so on and so on. I pull out my phone and earbuds and plug them into my phone. I’m on the plane for four and a half more hours. We just took off. Thank god it’s a straight away. I turn on my night time playlist and quickly fall asleep. I wake up with three hours and seventeen minuets left. I looked for rascal and he wasn’t at my feet. I started to panic. I started to breath hard and my vision got blurry. Then I saw him on the chair next to me digging in my backpack looking for my meds. He pulled them out and put them in my hand. I took two out and grabbed a bottle of water and carefully downed the pills. Fifteen minuets later the panic was completely gone. I’m just glad I had rascal there to help me. I got worried because he had hopped up on the seat probably to make sure no one sat there. I was worried someone took him because he wasn’t at my feet. My phone was about to die so I grabbed my portable charger and plugged it into that. I powered it all the way off and started reading. After that affair, I only had three hours and forty minutes left. I was starting to get hungry, but I didn’t know when or how to get food, so I decided just to wait until I got off the plane .

2 ¼ hours later

I only have another hour left. I unplug my phone and it is fully charged. I assume it’s been fully charged for a while. I have two text messages. One from max and one from dad. I check the one from max first. It says: Hey I’m so excited 2 c u so soon we get 2 whole days together c u soon luv u. The one from my dad says: hey sweetie remember to be good and don’t be on your phone all day. I reply: don’t worry dad there’s too much to do their ill b busy the whole week. I reply to max: me either luv u😘. I look over to make sure that rascal is still in the seat and he is just like they good boy I know he is.

Landing Time

This is my least favorite part of the ride. I don’t like the feeling of being dropped thousands of feet into the air. I always get really panicked at this part. I have started getting used to it because I visit New York at least twice a summer since I was 12.

Do you think you could help me come up with a title?

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10 Jan, 2019
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