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2 hearts Victorian Whole
2 hearts Victorian Whole

2 hearts Victorian Whole


Our kiss short stories gossip not to miss lightly

French kiss lips "What was said?" He sings

Chanel's lips Love- whole heart-__equals wedding ring

I apple tree’s, in separate lanes

But inseparable balances out, measurable

Equally 2 planes, meeting together distance

Equal love resistance ½ the wait persistence

Twin-set movie running heart rate

Her better half is fate

Two loves not to take lightly

They both have strong heart’s fit tightly

The other side needs, balance 2 guided

We're two loves, heart divided?

We need to balance, our love

Gothic kiss darkens the doves

Two half’s of hearts, infinite flame

Red heart cheating, hot rod game

Uncertainty needs more reassurance

Love hand holds, heart allegiance


Lips equally touch, warm exposure

Understanding, ½ smile 1/2 distance

Car formula mix 1/2 scientist

Went Jekyll drink ½ way down test

Equal love music, rebels tough resist

He’s so in love, speechless carried

but she is still worried

Rose petals senses taste hair and bed

Victorian lace French kiss lips wed

"What was said?"

Chanel bunch of lips roses red I love you

Love- heart-__equals wedding ring

Two hearts together, rejoice to sing

Author Notes: This is Victorian love inspirationally done

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12 Apr, 2017
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<1 min
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