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Chapter 20. Keeping Jealouse Guppies Apart
Chapter 20.  Keeping Jealouse Guppies Apart

Chapter 20. Keeping Jealouse Guppies Apart


While my new adulterous love, Edward, wasn't interested to know about my husband and family, he too like my husband was jealous. He wanted control by marking me as his. For Valentine's Day hubby bought me a sheer red panty with a big embroidered heart, his attempt to counter brand me.

I called Edward the next morning,

"You awake"?"

"Yes, sweetie pie. What's up?"

"Are you still in bed?"

"No, I'm munching toast. It would be better munching you."

"Get back in bed. I'm coming over. Tell Sir Lancelot I got a surprise."

"What kind of surprise?

"Just stay in bed and don't get bed crumbs on the sheets. I just cleaned them"

Racing over with the panty on, skipping my usual Mall parking lot drive through security check, I let myself in with the key I now had, scampered up to his bedroom and put my finger to my lips as I entered.

"Shhh, stay in bed! I got your surprise, look see."

I lifted my skirt and flashed the panty, slowly turned around and back, pranced about, and flouted it with a few old belly dance moves.

Fluttering close as he watched transfixed, he reached over, grabbed me and pulled me to bed. Still dressed including shoes, he pushed aside the panty. Finished, we lay next to one another,

"I like my Valentine’s present but you’re a day late."

"Turn you on? Lance seems to like it."

"Look's great. Where’d you get it?'

"Don't question a present."

"Tell me, where?"

"A gift."

"Gift? Who? Who buys you panties? Are you seeing another?"

"Don't be silly."

"Well who?"

"Oh, don't worry my suspicious Sir Lancelot, hubby”.

"Take it off! Take it off! Give it to me! I don't want you to wear it."

After stupidly telling the truth, struggling to get it past my shoes, he grabbed it, roughly, pulled it off, got up and tossed it in the bathroom waste basket. Back in bed, he forced his way as I protested. Mounted, he sucked on my neck and gave me a hickey as I squirmed to get him to stop.

After he finished, I felt my neck, got up with the excuse of needing to use the resstroom and looked in the bathroom mirror. He left a big red blotch, marking me as his. Branded with his hickey, I retrieved the panty and hid it in my bra. When I came out of the bathroom, he had already gone downstairs. I slipped on the panty, descended the stairs and informed him.

"I need to rush home."

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Sunshine. Forgive me."

'No, it was a mistake, my mistake. I'm sorry I upset you."

I left taking blame.

Some girls at work unabashedly showed off a hickey. I wore a turtleneck for a week. Hubby stared but said nothing after my desperate explanation a broom handle was the cause. Edward was apologetic when he called and didn’t mention the rescued panty. He asked what my husband's reaction was, not mentioning but inferring about the hickey. I told him he never noticed which made him feel better but I re-learned guppies, need to be kept separate to avoid another imbroglio, the next which could upend all my machinations of serving two men.

In response to the red panty fiasco Edward took me to a lingerie shop and bought risqué hipsters embroidered with cheeky, "Ring My Chimes", "Please, Please Me", "Make Me Purr", "Stroke My Fire", "Pull Down To Open", “Try It You’ll Like It” and "Shake And Bake and one even with a zipper crotch all to proclaim Miss Puki was his.

Hubby was fascinated with my logo underwear and asked where I got them. I lied and said K-Mart. He went there and couldn’t find any like them. I lied again and said it was a close out. He remained suspicious as I didn’t shop at K-Mart but was also fascinated. Even though he suspected something, he was pleased I wore them and was aroused when I did.

Thereafter Edward’s command was I never wear any panties he did not select. I never wore lingerie when with Edward without his stamp of approval but disobeyed and with hubby often wore ones he selected including his red Valentine. Wearing different panties, I two timed both.

Darting between two men’s fluttering guppy tails assured my desirability. While empowering, shifting back and forth to reciprocate their attention was stressful. The anomaly of segregating my faithful wife persona from cheating adulteress caused exposure paranoia.

Hiding the good wife from Edward was easy. He knew I was married and wasn’t interested in my family life. I pretended there was only him, when with him. In addition, our time together was brief. I obediently wore what he selected as proof of my loyalty. Only my wedding ring vexed him.

Hubby’s betrayal was the difficult concealment. Unlike Edward, he couldn’t know there was another. I constantly worried, I’d forget some detail which would lead to exposure. While our time together was truncated by our varied work shifts, time together remained extensive due to family. With hubby, it was family all the way with Edward blocked from my mind. Edward only existed when we were together and in swing shift musing.

To keep them segregated and avoid overlap mishaps I internalized separate endearment tags for myself and them. I nixed Edward’s attempted, a term hubby occasionally used. He settled on Sweetie Pie. Hubby had his Sunshine but typically kept it short and referred to me as Hon. I used Honey for him and Sweetie for Edward.

On the bed after sex Edward asked.

“Sweetie Pie, what’s your love box?

“Love box?”

“Yeah, your vagina, she got a name?”

Edward wanted my vagina’s name which was Vixen but that was hubby’s. I needed an alternate name to avoid betraying hubby and to retain my separate life’s modus operandi. Knowing a few words in Tagalog from Mom I said.

“She’s Puki”

“Puki, eh, sounds sexy. Maybe a little too vulgar. Where’d that come from?”

It’s Tagalog for vagina.”

“Hmmm.. okay, Miss Puki, sounds better.”

Christened, Miss Puki, she was Edward’s and Vixen hubby’s, a bit of faithfulness for both. I told neither my Cobra nickname.

Squirt was hubby’s penis, tagged when I first stroked him during our engagement and jumped back in awe as he spewed out. Edward's needed its own logo. So, I replied.

“Sweetie, what’d you name your penis?”

“What makes you think he’s got a name?”

“Just a guess.”

“Well, you’re right. Had to name him, cause he’s always telling me what to do.

Did you see the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp?”

“Movie, I thought it was a cartoon?”

“Yeah, it was but also a movie. You like it?”

“Well, when little, where are we going with this?"

“When little, I liked Tramp, thought he was cool and debonair. Tramp didn’t sound quite right, so I made it Scamp, like little devil. No Mr., just Scamp.”

I didn’t want his penis logo to be one, other women used or heard. I wanted one of my own.

“I don’t like it. Did you see the movie Camelot?”

“Musical, yeah long time ago.”.

"Well, your Scamp is now Sir Lancelot, okay?”

“Hey I like it, better than Scamp; how about Lance for short?”

So, it was, it was Sir Lancelot or Lance for short.

During sex, separated private tags helped avoid overlap slip-ups.

I also kept any place visited separated to avoid experience overlap and also provided a tad of faithfulness for hubby. Distance when dining out with Edward aided exposure security. Hubby's only distant restaurants were Chinese ones in San Francisco which Edward knew nothing about.

Edward loved upscale restaurants. In Palo Alto that included Rickey’s Inn and Restaurant, a vast local landmark. This is where hubby and I went for special occasions which nixed it for Edward. It was also too close and too popular by locals. Exposure by someone I knew was too dangerous.

When suggested by Edward I explained I’d been there too often and needed to see places new.

Despite my stealth, after my confession, “We screwed!”. Hubby remained insecure, suspicious and played detective. He would suddenly accuse me of seeing another then seek hysterical boing which I abided. Due to time stress, he assumed, if there was someone else, it was someone at work. To encourage this dead-end suspicion, I told stories about engineers at work, then emphatically denied there was anyone else. To off-balance him I accused him of being irrationally jealous, a problem he had which he needed to correct.

During the workweek, our interaction was a kiss as he left for work and a kiss when he returned home and I left for work. Conversations were hurried exchanges about food I’d prepared, children, the house and of course bills to be paid. I kept the good wife role simple as well as that of adulterous.

Workweek "nooner" trysts with Edward were easy to hide due to hubby being at work, their short duration, a shopping explanation if he called home and the incongruity of "nooner" sex with kid’s school going/returning and my sleep schedule. Ever careful, I first drove through the Stanford Mall parking lot, onto a quiet residential street to see if I was followed then scurried to Edward’s. I always got back home in time for the kid’s school return. I cooked dinner and handed family life off to hubby with a kiss as I scampered off to swing shift. Anything interesting which occurred during a nooner was old news by the weekend and easy to remember not to remember. The “nooner” difficulty was sleep deprivation.

Evening dates were dangerous. They required stealth planning and strong backup cover. With Edward’s one night a week off changed to Friday I called in sick an hour before hubby got home. In front of him, I dressed for work, kissed goodbye, drove through the work security gate, waited 15 minutes then left. I drove to the Bayshore Freeway, took a last-minute exit, meandered a bit aimlessly to affirm there was no one following and went to Edward’s.

To return home, I showered, air-dried my hair, dabbed on perfume to cover linger Edward scents, put back on work clothes and got home between 3 to 6 AM to an asleep hubby. If he awoke and wanted me, I encouraged him. While doing so, I commingled his image with the security of our home and family and blocked out any thought of Edward.

The hard part was never mentioning anything associated with either guppy to the other. If something occurred with one, no matter how exciting, it could never be mentioned to the other. With my husband, I concentrated on talking about the house, kids, neighbors, work and mutual friends. With Edward, it was where we went, current events, movies and whatever book I was reading. If something too exciting occurred to suppress, I twisted it into a girl at work story.

My biggest fear was pregnancy which would unravel my life. Having given birth twice I could never have an abortion. While hubby had his vasectomy, Edward could get me pregnant. Once our affair developed I told him I was going to take the pill. To my surprise, he said no, it would upset my hormone balance. He assured me he didn’t mind the condom.

I thought he might be wary of what I might contract from another. Over time I twisted his condom use into marriage faithfulness. Edward was not “really” in me, only hubby. Later as AIDS vanquished the sexual revolution it became a stroke of luck.

I also suspected hubby’s hysterical bonding was his vicarious excitement of me as a "hotwife", part of his waylaid swinging agenda. He may have initially suggested swinging not to have sex with other women but to have a "hotwife". He took keen interest in the things Edward branded me with, all of which fed his suspicions there was someone else. My answer to his questions of where the new clothes, jewelry change of makeup came from was they reflected our affluent second income. My Tuesday’s and Thursdays noon time absence back up story was I went shopping to make myself look good for him. I hounded him to shop with me which I knew he wouldn’t and if he did I ensured to drag it out to prevent it happening again.

He no longer took me for granted, was obsessed with the fear of losing me, paid attention exclusively to me and lost interest in pornography. To help him, I praised him, tried to please him, stroked his ego when I could and let him win arguments. I acted the perfect wife, one he could be proud of. His friends told him how lucky he was to be married to me.

Author Notes: The wanton wife learns to keep lover and husband in separate worlds.

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