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By zebra1972

The lights flashed red, noises everywhere. Bells whistles, alarms. Wholly shit thought Ted, a month and a half ago I was relaxing in the back yard drinking a beer. It all happened so damm fast. The Minions solar blast had disabled the shields and wave after wave of bistol blasts was just too much. We tried Ted thought we gave it our best but we weren't outfitted for this type of battle. We were only going on patrol, just looking around for some sign of exctol displacement. Then the damm minions showed up.

Captain! Captian!

Ted! Dammit are you still with me?

Ya sorry Jay what is it?

What is it? What the hell do you think! It's the Minions there moments away from boarding, or blowing our asses out of time and space. So give the damm order, give it and save some of the crew. Dammit give it now or so help me I will give it myself.

Jay was the type of man who lived for this day. Lived for the battle. Live for the chance to die with honor, and the in some way always wanted this. He never married, never wanted that type of life. He joined early and never looked back. 29 years he has lived this life, 29 years of battle, bliss, and boredom. We've been friends for the better part of 20 of those years and he has saved my ass many times. But this time it would take more than Jay to save me and us it would take a freakn act from above.

Fine Jay give the order. Get as many of the crew locked in the pods and get'm of this burning tank. And Jay get in one of the pods your self.

What the hells up with you Ted? And give up the glory of going down with her? How about you get in a pod.

Aw piss of Jay lets get the crew moving and both go down with the big girl.

With that said the crew began to scramble. Alarms were sounding and blaring warnings to exit the ship via the escape pods and that there was only 10 min left until finial deployment.

Ted and jay had been friends for along time and attached to this ship for most of it. They reported to her with the intentions of doing there time and moving on. Everyone wants the battle cruzer or the starlight friget. They drew duty on the science research and exploration ship the IFS conscience. A big slow ship that literally clocks more miles than any battle type ship could ever dream of. She had gone places that most would only dream. And after there first tour on her Ted and Jay were taken away by her ability to stay at sail for so long and they began to become addicted to her charm. She would sail on 2-4 year deployments and would never look back. Completely self sustainable and sufficient. Only the need for seeing home would make her return. Ted and jay moved up in rank and Ted eventually was awarded command. She was now his, she was now his to take and explore.

Dammit Ted she's coming apart! Screamed Jay.

We've lost all forward and port side shields. Number 3 and 5 engines are shutting down, and there are so many airlock leaks that I can't began to count them.

Ted ran from panel to panel looking at meters and lights that foretold of her demise. The bridge was filled with the blue gray smoke of electrical fires that were now burning out of control everywhere. Bodies were laying everywhere and as Ted tried to figure out the best plan of action the genocide began.

As the pods where beginning to be released the Minions began the final assault. Blasting everything that was being released from the ship. Years of research was locked and sealed in containers, these containers were jenisoned along with the crews escape pods. As they were the minions just simply removed them from the picture. 9 out of 10 were being destroyed. The situation was hopeless. Many just simply watched as there life's work was mercilessly destroyed and soon after it was there life that would also be lost.

Author Notes: Just a start.......Please leave some comments.....or a star or two

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12 Aug, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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