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21st Plea

21st Plea

By boomman17

-This is a plea to my generation to save them from what they’re facing:
-You see, they don’t see that their confusing love with lust
Then they wonder why they can’t find anyone to trust and call their own.
-Those looking only for sex end up alone and can’t find their way home.
-Those that be sexting start feaning for something not tangible. Next their walking around hurting because now their personal business is now the publics chill time.
-An unpunishable crime, cyber bullying is.
These kids that have no life try to ruin the life of another, while trying to stay undercover, doing things behind the scene, while their true insecurities have them doing things way above their means of life.
-Now baby girls pride & self-esteem is shot because she met a dude, made a mistake, and now wakes up at 3 in the morning to her baby girls cries.
Now the only guy that actually cared for her is gone cause all she fed him were lies.
Her last mistake was getting back with her baby daddy, now she is the one who cries.
-Now let’s take a trip to “Lil’ Mizz. Innocent”
See she’s not as innocent like everyone thinks she is.
-In school she’s “Miss At-Class-On Time”, but when she hits the streets she’s “Mizz Drop It Low for a Dime”
-If only she could realize that these lil’ boys don’t care if she makes it home after 9, and the abuse doesn’t stop there.
-Cause daddy comes in and gives her his form of discipline for being late, as if she didn’t have enough.
After that, big brother comes in and goes to work. A twisted way of family bonding is what she gets that leaves her crying and hurt. But as she fights back, her grades stay climbing so in the end, she’s winning the war at night.
-But she started feeling funny, so she took a trip to the clinic and found out that she’s contracted several STI’s, and there all traced back to family.
-You see the lil’ boys were smart with their approach while dad & brother were too direct and almost made their own blood choke.
Now that mama’s found out, she threw the men out for defacing the trust of two of their own.
-Finally we turn to “Mr. Ambition”. Aspiring to become noticed through his talent & start his own business. However no one cares to be a witness.
-Way back when, everyone tripped off what he did and what girl he talked to.
Then he got extremely stressed out, so he started popping’ pain killers and mixing drinks to help him get through.
-One day he almost overdosed and lost his life, so he came to grips with reality and avoided that long tunnel of light.
-He walked in on a poetry show and found his true calling in life.
Now today he uses his gift to help others of his generation from losing an impossible fight.
-3 months later: Baby girl is top of her class,
“Mizz Innocent” got treated for her diseases and now is up at 10am on Sundays in mass no longer giving up the ass,
And the young man that cared for the baby girl a.k.a. “Mr. Ambition” is yours truly and hasn’t popped or drank any of that trash.
-I did all this to say: Kids of the 21st century, it doesn’t have to be the hard way.
We can express ourselves and be noticed in other ways than the media tells us to do. Cause at the end of the day, it starts and ends with you.

A message to my generation: Don’t be slaves to the media and society. Express yourself in ways that do not damage you.

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19 Nov, 2012
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3 mins
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