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28 Months Later

28 Months Later

By religare231

28 Months Later

The beginning

(Breathing heavily) I make a run towards hotel plaza, they tell me this is the only place not affected by the virus outbreak that occurred 28 months earlier. You must be wondering what I am talking about, let me take you to the place where it all began.

Not too far outside Arkansas, the united health forces had set up their headquarters, were supposedly new experiments on finding out the cause behind neurogenisis were being conducted. Well. Neurogenisis is a condition were in the brain becomes incapable of performing the basic functions and resorts to uncontrolled violent behavior in the hope of meeting its requirements. The energy produced during the violent behavior is utilized by the brain in performing the metabolic functions. A unique defense mechanism used by the brain don’t you think.

During one such experiment, one of the test subjects showed signs of recovery. Looking at this the government thought that they had finally found a cure but in reality they had not. Soon mass production of the drugs was under way and was supplied to all the mentally ill patients. For the first few days no side effects were being reported but soon phone calls started pouring in from all centers that the drug had only aggravated the situation. You see , by administering the drug, the government had made a huge mistake, though the patients showed signs of recovery, in reality their brain was utilizing the drug by inducing extreme violent behavior in the individuals. The damage caused by the drug had gone to such an extent that it could not be reversed.

Eventually the madness spread like a fire throught the country engulfing everybody in its path. People start evacuating from the drug infested areas but to no avail. You see the affected people had become soo violent that to supplement the energy requirements of their body , they started to feed upon the flesh of living beings.

Now this is where my story begins……………………….

………………… be continued in episode 2

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4 Apr, 2011
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