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She was only 29.

There wasn’t a softer voice than hers, there wasn’t a kinder heart than hers and there wasn’t a more pleasant face than hers.

She had two kids and a wonderful husband. She was God-fearing and devout.

Everyone loved her, but her god loved her the most.


On a particular day she helped everyone, she always did but that day was different. She gave her cousins wedding gift early. Alas, no one noticed the slight change in her behavior as she was always warmhearted. Her brother loved her dearly, he gave up his job in a foreign country for no reason at all, saying he wanted to stay with her. On a normal day, she attended a function of one of her relatives with her husband and kids. She had a 4-year-old daughter and a 9 months old son. She cared for her kids with all her heart.

Later that day, they were heading back home. In the car, she sat in the backseat with her kids as her husband drove. She and he chatted casually.

It was a 2-hour journey.

At one point in the journey, her husband asked her something, she didn’t reply. He asked again, yet silence followed. He glanced back and saw that the baby was dropping out of her hands. He parked the car and turned towards her.

No, she wasn’t quiet, she wasn’t sleeping. God called. And she had gone.

He knew he didn’t have to grieve, for she had reached a better place. He saddened but he knew he should be happy for her. Tears flowed down his cheeks, as he smiled, a smile of acceptance, believing that they will meet yet again. After all, we’ve all got to leave this world someday, it’s not meant forever.

Her kids still don’t understand they say. Her daughter doesn’t get it they say. I think she is just happy her mom reached heaven first.

Her baby cries, they say he needs to be fed. I think he is praying for her.

They say she is my cousin sister but she strongly stands in the position of a sister.


We’ll all go someday, sometime. Just wait. If your loved one leaves, don’t cry, don’t grieve, smile and accept.

We indeed do belong to God and him we shall return.

After all, it’s where we are meant to be.

For my cousin sister, passed away on March 18

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13 Jul, 2019
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