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By princerighty1

Monday, November 29th 2010

IT WAS a sunny Monday when I had my co-curriculum class. Instead of of the fierce-faced Mr Zamsyaril (don't be mad...), I was just feel not in comfort. The marching class, the loud leader, the boring lectures... i was waiting for the result of my exam. I felt really weird, Mr. Zamsyaril is not fierce as he looks today.

All Labuan Matriculation College students are waiting for the moment.

For real, I felt very bad. my adrenalin rose, my heart beats fast, huh... Then was Mr Ding's math class. The hour passes like one day. I did not understand even one word of what he said. Then went other lectures, that scenario repeated again and again.

That evening, I had to arrange some desks for the next day.

Ah... I really feel bad...

I said to my friend, WH. She said, "If I were you, I will go to the mosque...and pray." For that word, i treated her for something. Say what? She is a good, kind-hearted girl! I like her, honestly.

That night, I had a burger, 6 buns, 4 250ml boxes of apple juice, and a movie. but still I can feel something is 'flying' in my belly, like a butterfly.

Tuesday, November 30th 2010

Uh... screw that!
It is 30th November! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

I dreamt, I will be kicked out of the LMC...

My body is shaking. I couldn't take my breakfast. I had 2 fish cakes, one 'tapau' of fried noodles, and of course a glass of milk, but I really feel not hungry at all. Mr Ding's class is not conducted today, maybe because we have to respect this day. The day of result.

15 minutes before the result comes out, I stepped out of my room. Oh my God, I left my blazer... I took it. Then i went out again, and... I missed my Dutch Lady...

I rushed to the ATM. I take RM 50. I bought RM20 prepaid credit. i went to the hall. I heard the result. I was the first to take...

And the result?

I got a 3.47!

Lucky for me, and seriously I am too happy that I shouted, "Yes! I got 3.47!"

WH get a 4 anyway, along with 206 other students. I am so proud of her.
But still, why am i bought RM 20 credit just now?

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29 Nov, 2010
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