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3 men ,one fat ladie ,and a bar

3 men ,one fat ladie ,and a bar

By melodyautumn

Three men standing outside a bar. Bob,Fred,and Jim. Bob and Fred Drank beer before they got there and Jim came to safely drive them home.
Fred- I am going to stay out here and smoke.
Jim- I am going to join.
Bob walked into the bar and a really hot girl named Alex walked up to him and handed him a piece of paper.
Alex- Thats my phone number, you should call me some time.
Bob- I can't I am married but I have a friend
Bob ran outside to fred and jim
Bob- Fred, come here there is a really hot girl in there and she wants to meet you.
Fred and Bob walked in.
Fred- Were is she
Bob pointed to her
Fred- I never knew you liked chubby girls bob
Bob- Chubby? Shes not chubby
Fred and bob walked up to alex
Alex- Is this your friend? Hi I'm Alex.
Alex handed Fred a piece of paper with her phone number . Just then Fred remembered that he had a date with a different girl that he really liked
Fred- I can't take this I have a date later with a different girl... but We have one more friend.
Bob and Fred went and got Jim
Jim- Wheres the girl?
Bob and Fred Pointed at Alex
Jim- I think shes behind that fat chick
Bob- What Fat chick
They all walked to Alex
Jim- HOLY!!!
Jim ran out of the bar and got ran over by a car
( I dont know why I made him get run over by a car... but fat chicks need love to)

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21 Mar, 2011

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