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3 Steps From Ruin to Prosperity
3 Steps From Ruin to Prosperity

3 Steps From Ruin to Prosperity


Arriving at the hospital took nearly an hour due to the distance. We found one daughter in the ER still covered in blood amidst the sea of white. It was a horrifying experience. A couple hours later, we faced the family of the girls’ friend who was also in the car and severely hurt. No one would share any details about our oldest daughter, Rebecca. That took several hours.

Reliving this story hurts every time I recall it, but the truth is, this is what led to the start of my business, how I managed to connect with the world’s number one leadership guru, John C. Maxwell, and what has enabled me to live my passion of helping others overcome their self-limiting beliefs and begin to grow toward the potential they have inside and the success they desire. To help you understand more fully, let me take you back to the story about the accident. Then I will share the three steps that really jump started my journey.

Rebecca was airlifted to the hospital after being hit by a full size pick-up truck. The force of the impact pushed her across the compact car, her head shattering her friend’s eye socket and breaking her friend’s clavicle in three. Needless to say, the head trauma alone was nearly fatal for Rebecca. Her broken ribs and punctured lungs are the first thing that almost killed her. Life was touch and go for a couple of weeks. We were told not to get our hopes up. When she did live, we were told she may never walk or talk again. There were blood clots throughout her brain. Two months later, she returned home – walking and talking!

The long story short, is that I was able to stay strong throughout the hospital stay. I communicated well via Caring Bridge and stayed connected. After 14 months though, I was exhausted. I got bronchitis and pneumonia. I didn’t get out of bed more than a couple hours a day for ten months! I ended up with post-traumatic stress disorder. I snapped out of it when I decided to pay the bills one night. There I read, “Final Foreclosure Notice”. I will never understand how a person cannot realize they haven’t paid the bills, have no sense of finances, or how so much time can pass within a family and not one of them realizes the severity of the problems. But that, my friends, is the rude awakening that started this business. I have gone from financially ruined, physically and emotionally handicapped to living a life that I thrive in – one filled with prosperity!

How did I do it?

1. Look in the Mirror – Looking inside was one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced. With the help of a personal coach, I weeded through all of the muck – all of the lies I had once believed, the things others told me about myself that covered all the good others had told me. At the time, I believed I was just an average individual with nothing very unique or special. I learned that I am special. I have gifts and experiences that others don’t. I had already worked hard to build two successful businesses. I was a leader. I had learned to connect. I learned that I had much to give!

2. Live Life Intentionally – I realized that if I was going to pull myself out of the horrific slump I was in, I had to make some choices. I had to be intentional with my time. I had to take time out to think long and hard. I had to reflect on where I had been and where I wanted to go. After much exploration, I knew that I needed to continue to be intentional with my choices so that I could grow.

3. Lift the Lid – John C. Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid. He says that leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. I realized that I wasn’t very effective where I was at. I needed to extend my reach to those who could help me. I began meeting weekly with a new friend circle – a few ladies with whom intimate conversations could be held. They were older than me and one of them had a business similar to mine. I also started meeting with other local groups filled with professionals from many different industries. Before long, I grew exponentially!

Those are just the first three steps I took to begin changing my life from what I thought was one of ruins to one of prosperity. The beginning was humble. Seven months after I first “looked in the mirror”, Rebecca joined me as I walked from Tybee Island, Georgia (Savannah area) to Shreveport, Louisiana. I shared lessons from our story to help others who may be struggling and not sure how to face their challenges. As a Certified Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I continue to grow with the John Maxwell Team. The sheer joy I have found in following my passion of helping others is second to none!

Author Notes: My name is Anna, I've worked as a professional copywriter for 3 years after graduating. Additionally, I've spent over a year as a copywriter for multiple publications in the music industry. I have worked with written content for a large cross section of local and national companies. I'm the copywriter, editor, and social media manager for a company since February of 2017.

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14 Feb, 2019
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