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30 Days of summer

30 Days of summer

By danielle_cullantes

my grandmother just passed away last March 31, 2011.
The passed 2002, she was looking forward to see my aunt who lives in America. she calls her every week. One time, my Aunt promised her she will be back at Philippines at the year 2004. my grandma was excited to meet her! but when she called again, my Aunt's husband said they do not have enough money to get back here. So, my uncle said they will be back by the next 2 years. Every year, grandma visits us, and stays in our house for one night, and brings us lollipops. Whenever she leaves our house, she gives each of us P100. By year 2006, she was hopeful that she could see my aunt again. But you know what? her husband spent all their savings for BEER. they will start earning money AGAIN and pledged they will be coming the year 2009. 3 years later, She waited at the airport for my aunt. she waited there for 2 DAYS. we guessed we will have to wait for another 2 years. after that, she had an ill. 2011, finally came! All of us were excited to meet Aunt Rosa! Aunt Rosa said their flight will be at June 5. so, THERE IT GOES! It was March. My other aunt in Manila visited my grandma at the farm and spent her summer there for 1 week. how happy my grandma was! during the march seasonal holidays, we spent our vacation in San Luis for 5 days to visit grandma. after, 2 weeks before the end of March, grandma stayed in our house for 2 weeks. I was neglected because of what i saw. grandma couldn't walk properly. when i used to held her hand, she was so active. now, she was in pain, neglect. my aunt wanted to video call us because she heard that grandma was visiting there! my grandma and my aunt was very happy to see each other! during their video call, my grandma kept on touching our computer monitor. 1 week later, our slave was bringing medicine to her room. before she went in, she heard my grandma talking to god. she overheard them, said: "come, we have came to get you." but then our slave heard grandma say: "i'm not ready yet, i still want to see my daughter, Rosa." good thing grandma did not see our slave.
my grandma left our house with a warm goodbye and a hug. I was so curious why she cried during she hugged us, because when we used to hug her before she left, she gives us a happy look. I kept on thinking about it. on March 30, she went to the hospital, and the doctor said she needed a ECG. on March 31, Our parents visited grandma. she called my mother, aunt, and cousin, and said, children, i'm tired. i want to go home. then the ECG reacted because of the heartbeat. the doctor let our whole family stay at the waiting area. after 10 mins, the doctor called my father. My grandma said i few things to my father. "son, i want to go home. make sure everything is fixed and make sure your sisters Rosa and St. Andrew comes home safely".then grandma began raising her arms up in the air trying to see if my father was still there for her. my father also reached his arms out so grandma will have no problem at all.
Then the ECG began to react my grandma's heartbeat. then the doctor said, your mother has passed away.
my Aunt Rosa did not know but my other aunt St. Andrew already knew. My father planned to have the funeral service at St. Peter's. I saw my Grandma, in the coffin. I was in Great agony of what i saw. on June 5, my Aunt Rosa arrived in a funeral service frightened about what she saw.i felt sorry for her and grandma. My cousin said, "Do not worry, grandma was always there for us, last night, i felt cold air and felt like someone kissed me." < it's because my cousin volunteered to be my grandma's caregiver.
We all know everything we wished for will sometimes come true, and sometimes never but let us not be ambitious.This is what i realized during the agonies of my grandma.
I hope You all understand how hard life is, and the love we've been having in our daily lives.

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10 Sep, 2011
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