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3am Alone Waking From Tiredness Poem
3am Alone Waking From Tiredness  Poem

3am Alone Waking From Tiredness Poem


Laughing at the sillies in your heart as the world watches in bewilderment, make fun of yourself and no one else can, for laughing makes us cry and to cry makes us open,

dance alone in a crowded room feel the beets pass you by and fly by at your own rhythm, the party is empty and you fill it with the courage to dance by yourself.

Seeing an all to serious world get wound up tighter then angry stories, filled with self loathing and frustration at others we lose sight that we are far to busy with that to climb that tree in the corner,

you see it with the big squirrel that could bite your finger off, let us skirt death and race to the top with the road raged hamster in hot pursuit.

Find a pal to see how far your spit can travel up and that you can catch in almost in your mouth, they bounce all the time there body never wanting to slow in this fast passed life where we need somewhere to go but always slowly fast,

crying alone in desolate fields that show the signs to new frogs bouncing gently from the undergrowth they crowd around you shooting there tongues out to get the flies that flitter around the tasty dead skin floating of your back,

so diving up to the clouds to go for a dip as the world fills up we dip dive and grow a bead of fluff foaming at the elbows, seeing the edge of the sky makes me want to catch it all and drive it higher and see it grow into more then before,

sitting trying to elbow lick as the kittens meow at your feet and they shimmy up your legs, claws drawn out catching the tips of the nerves and the beard has to pop.

Everything starts to bounce along with the winter daydream as you lie naked upon the snow and see the rain turned beauty fall as others cry there woes of not reaching work

simple eradication of all hairs would make you faster, yet the friction grows, no electric can be made so you explode from the inside, insomnia that builds up question each bit of waking, letting queens be lampposts and bricks its peers holding her in place so she can stand her growing ambition to make the street glow.

So in a world far to hectic to laugh at its own demise shed some light the next time you bring more misery to it all, just another shit in the pile of crap or is a garden about to grow.

Author Notes: Time to Launch forwards and dodge left to get past what is never there, Enjoy!

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1 Aug, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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