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6th Grade Bites

6th Grade Bites

By XxXEliseXxX

Mom: Wake up!
Mia: Ugh.
Mom: Hurry or you'll miss the bus!
Mia:(cough, cough) I feel sick!
Mia comes down stairs to the kitchen where mom is.
Mom: That is just because your vampy teeth are coming in.
Mia: I thought i was going ot get those in 7th not 6th?
Mom: I guess there getting an early start.
Mia: Will we need 3 cows now?
This unique family of vampires drink cow blood.
Mom: Not yet. You dont need blood until you turn 14.
Mia: Well better stay hime just in case.
Mia walks into living room.
Dad: Good morning!
Mom and Mia: Morning!
Dad comes downstairs.
Dad: So, are we going to school?
Mia: No, Im getting my teeth in.
Mom: Now Mia, that dosnt mean that you cant go to school.
Mia: Yeah, but...
Mom: No buts. Go get ready for school. Ill drive you in.

Part 2: School
Mia: Bye mom!
Mom: Bye Mia! I will pick you up!
Mia walks into the school
Sarah: Why are you late?
Mia: Oh....I have my reasons.
Sarah: ok.
Sarah goes to her class
Jhonny: Hey, MIa!
Jhonny is the most popular guy in school and MIa and Sarah have crushed on him since 4th grade.
Mia: Yes?...
Jhonny: I was wondering if you would like to see a movie with me?
Mia: Sure! I mean....Ok cool.
Jhonny: I'll pick you up at 7...ok?
Mia: ok....(Dreamy)
Jhonny: See ya 'round.
Mia: Yeah, see ya.
Sarah runs over after watching the whole thing from the girls bathroom door.

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29 Dec, 2010

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