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9/11 was an inside job

9/11 was an inside job

By DanWaring

Something I say quite often is ‘politics is like pro wrestling, on stage they all hate each other and they fight and argue, but behind the scenes there best friends, they all have the same plans and agenda.’ This is a look into the truth behind 9/11

If you are a reader who is close minded and are not willing to open your mind up to possible truths then don’t bother reading on, if you are one of the many people who have been completely brain washed and are trapped under the governments spell, don’t read on. But, if you want to no the truth, then here it is.
Many stories and so called conspiracies have arisen from the events which occurred on September 11th 2001. But the question is, who do we believe? Could it honestly be true that our own government would bomb one of the most famous buildings in America and put the blame on Al-Qaeda? No! Surely not! But wait a minute; let’s take a good look at the evidence.
In my research I found that one of the main questions people ask when this idea is put forward is, ‘Why?’ The answer is simple. The Americans needed an excuse; an excuse to start a war on terror, the term used is the ‘false flag system’; the American civilians are brain washed in

to believing that it was Al-Qaeda who flew those planes into
the world trade centre, this creates ‘civil unrest’, Americans start waving American flags around, having the American flag emblazed on the side of there SUV’s and become extremely patriotic and fully support the war on so called terror. Hitler did the same thing
with the Reichstag and blamed it all on communist terrorists, the Americans did it in world war 1, until April 6th 1917 they weren’t involved in the war but they wanted to be, on the 1st of April they sent ships full of civilians into German waters knowing there were unrestricted submarines in the area, the Americans were banking on those ships being sunk, Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany after the ships were bombed. Four days later, on April 10th America joined World War One.
Another reason they perform these acts of terror on there own country is to scare the population into submission. US President Franklyn Roosevelt declared that ‘the greatest thing we have to fear, is fear itself’ this is true and the American government used this when committing the September 11th
bombings. When a country is in fear the government can bring in laws and rules that would usually be seen as wrong or even an invasion of our privacy, but because the civilians are scared they back the laws. If the government brought in a law were we all had to wear a badge saying, ‘NOT A TERRORIST’ people would do it because they think its protecting them. In other words, it gets to a point were most people will do what ever the government say if they think it is going to protect them from ‘terrorists’. For example after the 9/11 attacks random stop and searches were made legal under section 44 of the terrorist act.
Whilst you have been reading this I’m sure your brain has been asking, ‘where’s the evidence?’ Well here it is. It is commonly known that the twin towers fell on 9/11, but did you know that a third world trade centre high-rise building also fell that day? World Trade Centre 7, a 47 story, steel framed skyscraper located one block from the twin towers was not hit by any plane, but collapsed at 17:20 that evening, imploding in the exact manner of a professionally engineered demolition. It fell suddenly straight down, at a near freefall speed, and landed in a compact pile of rubble, damaging barely any of the surrounding buildings. These are few of eleven characteristics of building 7’s collapse that are consistent only with a controlled demolition. Further the Leaseholder of the three buildings, Larry Silverstein, said in 2002 on PBS that on the afternoon of 9/11 he suggested to the NYC fire department commander that they ‘pull’ WTC7. ‘Pull’ is an industry term that means ‘demolish’ but it normally takes a team of skilled people many weeks to design and implement large demolitions. The building collapsed perfectly, just like a controlled demolition. Amazingly, there is no mention of WTC building 7s remarkable collapse in the 571 page 9/11 commission report. This is the government’s book on the supposedly true story behind 9/11.
When watching the video footage of the twin tower collapse it soon came to my attention and many others that there were numerous small explosions coming from under the collapse as you can see in the image. After further research I found that the technical term for this is ‘squibs’ these are almost always seen in controlled demolitions. Why can you see them on the world trade centre collapse? It makes no sense! The only way this could be true, is if there were in fact explosives planted in the elevator shafts of the twin towers and WTC7. (for images of the squibs see link at bottom of page)
This next point is not straight evidence but it does make you think. Every commercial plane has something called a ‘black box’ which is ironic as it is red, these boxes are there to record all sounds in the passenger area and there is a second one in the cockpit, these boxes are unbreakable! In the many years they have been around only 1 has not been recovered until September 11th were all four black boxes from the WTC plane and the pentagon plane mystically disappeared? Another point that makes you think is the research. I’m sure you all heard and read about Clintons sex scandal in 1998, once the whole investigation had been taken out the grand total of the investigation came to a huge $2000000! And lets face it, people cheat on there husbands and wife’s everyday, but when two commercial jumbo jets fly into one of the most powerful buildings in the world, the twin towers, only $60000 was spent on the investigation into these traumatic events! To me this seems strange but I do have an explanation, when an event like this happens and an organisation like Al-Qaeda are blamed instantly, the general population accept it and don’t need to hear any more but when a politician is accused of such things or the American government are accused of committing 9/11 everyone starts asking questions because they can’t believe it. Due to the media and constant force of information into your brains concerning the horrible things that are happening in other countries because of terrorists it is no wonder we live in a racist nation. We are socialised into having these bad views on people and it isn’t fair.
Another point which isn’t direct evidence but does reflect the truth is when Bush told a blatant lie on national T.V. On September 11th 2001 President George W Bush was in an elementary school speaking to the pupils, the chat with the children was filmed also; minutes after the planes hit the twin towers one of Bush’s body guards entered the class room and whispered in his ear the events which have just occurred. Bush Stood up, smiled at the class and left.
When I was watching a later press conference, Bush was asked the question, ‘Mr President, do you remember were you where when you heard about the twin tower attack?’ I at this point had already seen the footage of Bush being told, so I knew the truth.
To my surprise, this was his response, ‘I was sat in my office when one of my close colleagues entered and broke the news’. WHY LIE? He had no reason to, also why when interviewed did Manatee County Sheriff Charlie Wells (the last man to have a conversation with Bush before he entered the school) feel the need to say that president bush was, ‘totally unsuspecting about what is to happen’ no allegations of Bush having prior knowledge had been released at this point, so to me it shows a guilty conscience. All this evidence is just the start if my directors would allow me more words trust me I’d give you so much more evidence.
The Final question I am going to answer in this article is ‘How?’
Many people begin to believe these allegations until they start to think it was impossible anyway. Not many people know this but both of the towers were closed randomly with no warning a good 7 weeks before the attack. They claimed that the elevators in the towers needed fixing even though there had been no, known complaints about the elevators. Also, how often do they completely close a building just to fix the elevators? In the week it was closed they asked that all sniffer dogs and security were removed from the towers and then they worked constantly for a week. Also before they closed it, men in suits came in with no prior arrangement asking for blueprints and the buildings information. Scientists have said that the only way to demolish the world trade centre was by placing the explosives in and around the elevator shafts, coincidence? I think not! This is when they did it; this is when it was set up.
What I am trying to say is don’t allow your mind to be diseased with the government controlled mainstream media, I am not saying you have to believe the allegations I have made but do your research, take a look at the mainstream view and take a look our views then you make your decision.
9/11 WAS an inside job.

Here is a link to the images i speak about earlier in the article

For the sqibs -

for the collapse -

Any questions contact us:
Email- [email protected]
Tel- 07540811539

Thanks for reading
By Dan Waring

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