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By britneynumber1

Chapter I :Gedismain

"Two beats one!" says Acacia as she is playing chess with her father. "Berjule, whats wrong?" says Acacia. " I have something to tell you." said Berjule. "The Egyptain Warriors are ruining this country, they have been taking our jewels, cargo, and armor." said Bejule. "Oh no! That's terrible!" said Acacia. "Acacia, may I, as your father grant you the wonder of saving our country?" said Berjule. Acacia left and went to her aunt Ramasosa's house. "Ramasosa?" said Acacia. "Yes, Acacia! Welcome, come on in!" said Ramasosa. "Ramasosa, I need to ask you a question." said Acacia. ''Anything." said Ramasosa. "Who are the Egyptain Warriors?" said Acacia. "Oh, uh, you might want to ask Fredishaun about that." said Ramasosa. "Yes, yes indeed." said Acacia. "Fredishaun?" said Acacia. "Oh, Acacia! Uh, what are you doing here?" said Fredishaun. "Fredishaun, I wanted to ask you about the Egyptain Warriors, the warriors who have been taking our cargo and armor?" said Acacia. "Uh, maybe some other time." said Fredishaun. "No, Fredishaun, please?" said Acacia. "Oh alright, here it goes:

Gedismain, the king warrior of Egypt was starting to run out of jewels, food, and money, Gedismain was also the king of Egypt, and was getting angry at the town of Treaudmelia, Egypt, because of the people and townsman who lived in the city. Well one day, Kisajlo, Gedismain's slave, went to see thing king, Kisajlo got killed because he asked the king not to take from us.

"Oh Fredishaun, oh, that's terrible!" said Acacia. ''Yes, yes it is, all they need is someone, someone who could defeat them" said Fredishaun. "Thank you, Uncle Fredishaun." said Acacia. "Thank you, Ramasosa." said Acacia. Acacia ran to her father. "I cannot let other people die like Kisajlo did," said Acacia. "How do you know about Kisajlo?" said Berjule. "Uncle Fredishaun told me about him, I must flee." said Acacia.

Acacia went into the town of Treausmelia, burnt houses, starving people, sick people, cargo missing. "Now I know what Fredishaun was talking about!" said Acacia. "What was that?" said Gedismain. Acacia wasn't afraid, "why does it matter for what I say?" said Acacia. ''Guards! Take her!" said Gedismain. "For what?" said Acacia. "Backtalking the king!" said Julianso, the guard.

"Why are you taking from our town?" said Acacia. "You are a person of the town of Yisamboa?" said Gedismain. "Yes, why yes I am, got a problem with it?" said Acacia. "YES!" said Julianso. "YOU MUST BECOME ONE OF MY SLAVES!" said Gedismain.
Chapter II: The town of Treausmelia
"Wow!, Berjule!, look what trouble you got me into now!" said Acacia. Acacia was picking up rocks and stacking them on top of each other, to build the "The Gedismain" statue. "What a frame of artwork!" said Acacia. "Stop, it is suppertime." said Julianso. Acacia was quite flattered, she thought Julianso was handsome.

Julianso kissed Acacia on the head. "You must not tell Gedismain that I am in love with a slave." said Julianso. "Yes, indeed." said Acacia. They went and ate supper. Acacia stacked up some more rocks to build the statue, then she went to sleep. The next morning she stacked up more and more rocks, until it was finally finished. "Yes, mua! Yes! My frame of artwork has arrived, thank you young lady! Tell me, what is your name?" said Gedismain. "Acacia." said Acacia. "Acacia, you shall be, Julianso's wife!" said Gedismain. "Wait,what? Just because I built your statue as a slave, does not give me the right to be a royal guide or something to a handsome young man?" said Acacia. "You must!" said Gedismain. "Huhh," said Acacia, sadly and worried.

Chapter III: Marriage

Everything was going quite well for Acacia and Julianso. "Julianso, Julianso, Julianso wake up!" said Acacia. "Yes, yes honey, what do you need?" said Julianso. "Well, thy notteth me my wife if kid about something that royale?" said Acacia.

"You know what? I never wanted to be married to you, I came here to defeat the Egyptain Warriors, your town has been stealing our treasures!" said Acacia. "I am sorry hun, I love you." said Julianso. "NO! I don't love you, I am talking to the king." said Acacia

"King Gedismain?" said Acacia. ''Ah! Acacia, why, come on in to the royal palace of Gedismain!" said Gedismain. "Sire, I do not want to be with Julianso no longer, if you do not grant my wish, I will go back to my old town of Yisamboa." said Acacia. "Explain your testimony?" said Gedismain. "I came here to defeat your warriors, I came here not to get married and build rock statues, I came here for you to stop stealing our treasures." said Acacia. "Your father is Berjule, correct?" said Gedismain. ''How did you know that?" said Acacia. "His father and I go way back." said Gedismain.

"I might as well set you free." said Gedismain. "Oh, thank you, Berjule will love to hear my story!" said Acacia. "Oh, no he won't." said Gedismain. "What do you mean?" said Acacia. "he won't be going no where." said Gedismain.

Chapter IV: Acacia's Protest

Berjule and Fredishaun was all tied and chained up in bars, kind of like a jail. "Pa!" said Acacia. "You will never see him again!" said Gedismain. "I will make you a deal, I will stay here, in the land of Treausmelia, and for you to let both of them, Berjule and Fredishaun, free." said Acacia. "I would never let go two errogant people back to destroy more of the land of Egypt!" said Gedismain.

"What have they done?" said Acacia. "They have killed." said Gedismain. "Berjule, is, is this true?'' said Acacia. "Yes, but dear, I was drunk and filled with wine!" said Berjule. Acacia ran out the palace and went back to the town of Yisamboa. "I cannot just let them go!" said Acacia. She was thinking of plans. "Aha! I will go to the town and I will, there is a back locked door to the jail!" said Acacia.
Chapter V: Acacia's Plan

She goes to the town of Treausmelia, and secretly walks into the back door, unties the chains, and frees Berjule and Fredishaun. But the king caught her doing the action. "Well well well, Acacia! Surprising to free the prisoners, eh!" said Gedismain. "They haven't did nothing wrong!" said Acacia. "Oh yes they have, they have been taking from our country!" said Gedismain. "Berjule, is this, also true?" said Acacia. ''We needed everything we took." said Berjule.
"Berjule, why didn't you tell me this?" said Acacia. "Acacia, I didn't think you would understand!" said Berjule. "Oh I understand, but Gedismain, you also have been taking treasures from our town, too!" said Acacia. ''I am the King, I do as I please!" said Gedismain. "No, no you don't!" said Acacia. Acacia slapped the king real hard and freed the two gentlemen.

The End.
By:Britney Sheppard

Author Notes: Please read and enjoy!

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