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acceptance and appreciation

acceptance and appreciation

By guaphellamhor23

When we go through tough times in our lives... sometimes, we wish we could forget how to feel for a moment... so we won't get hurt, so we won't cry, so we won't feel empty, so we won't be sad, yet we won't be happy, we won't be glad, we won't be joyful, we wouldn't smile if we do not feel at all.

Our senses tell us that there are always two things we have to understand as we live.

The "Yes" and the "No".

Every encounter we have, every experience has required you a "Yes" and a "No" before you have gone through it.

A matter of knowing what to say "yes" to and which to say "no" to.

Life is a conflict of one and another. Only two sides exist.

The "Yes" and the "No".

Of all of which, we get to learn.

We fail, fail again, and fail better.

We succeed, succeed again, and succeed better.

Life is a medley song, continuous, could be a sad love song, a happy headbanging body shaking beat or a solemn lullaby... Your "Yes" and "No" would not stop the song, but would determine the length of time you linger to each song part that you have. Your decision decides how long the sad love song plays in the air for you, whether you will transition to a headbanging rock 'n roll to the beat of a high way drive, or you'll transition it to a groovy beat of trance that will make you take a break for some time... or transition to a happy thankful song for having gone through that part of your medley. And in as much, please do not stop your medley. Just let it be. Do not stop it. For there are also others that want to hear yours and be happy to play their own in relation to your melody.

For every "Yes" and "No", there comes acceptance and appreciation. We have to feel both, say "yes" to feel both. It's a great feeling.

When you accept things while you did your best to keep them the best way you want them to. Being objective in the sense that you go for the common good. No selfishness. No lies. Open arms and open heart, an accepting mind for thoughts for the benefit of most.

Learning to appreciate and doing it. Appreciation of things that may come as you think of possibilities or possible outcomes of what you'd say a "yes" and a "no" to. Appreciation of things you have accepted. Appreciation of the learning you gained. Appreciation of your life and how it relates with others.

Remember that we live not to be happy, but to be worthy of happiness.

If you think that you live to be happy, selfishness may come over you, greed over everything that you think may make you happy. It's a "No" for that. But a "Yes" to being worthy of happiness.

How do you know that you are worthy of happiness?

It's how you keep what you have, make it grow without taking from another. Living a fair life in the sense that you won't walk on another's shadow. To each his own. It's yours when it's yours. No greed. No lies.

Suffering is just in the mind.

Pain is a feeling we can get by and overcome with decisions that will make things better for us.

Know that nothing is perfect but there is always something better. But when you put in mind that you already have the best, you won't have to look for something else.

It's always a "yes" and a "no".


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31 May, 2012
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3 mins
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