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Across the Room

Across the Room

By Sammykingston212

It was another day filled with summer air but with a slight autumn breeze. It was then that it finally hit Henry that summer had ended and it was time to resume classes. He was very strong in the academic field, however he didn't find joy in spending time with his peers. It's unknown why, but Henry and the other kids just never clicked. So he decided to dedicate all of his time in highschool building up his academic portfolio in order to inpress colleges worldwide and finally set in stone his journey to get a Master's degree.
It was an excruciating experience setting foot on campus. Self - studying unfortunately wasn't an option for him. His light skin was overwhelmed with goosebumps as he experiences yet another breeze. This was the end of him for sure he thought. Nervously picking on his light brown hair every now and so, he headed for the main office to pick up his program. As soon has he has received his program, he's already come faced with another disappointment.
 Period 1: H World History
History was by far his most hate-filled class yet. Despite his good grades, he always found history extremely boring because there is and always will be one way the series of events have occurred. It wasn't like solving functions and problems where there are various equations that can be utilized for multiple problems that it's almost an adventure. History is only a one way street.
As usual, he is the first to arrive to class whole most of the other students are probably socializing. The seats were arranged in an odd manner.there were only two sides of seats available in the classroom and both sides faced eachother accompanied with a small gap in the middle in order to move around. With ,of course, the board up in the front portion of the gap. So all of the students would have to face one direction despite the placement of their seats.
As the class started to pile up, Henry's attention was caught by a girl. She had luminous long brown hair with waves I them. She had hazel eyes and a smile that could wake up anything hibernating. She was socializing with the new classmates that she'll  probably interact with for the rest of the year. Henry is still unsure what was it that caught his attention. But he noticed her smile was so sincere, so genuine. Both of their eyes met and remained in that position for about 5 seconds,but to Henry it felt like an eternity. He knew that this won't be the only time they will interact without the use of a conversation. She let out a soft smile as she noticed him sitting across the room.

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25 Apr, 2015
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2 mins
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