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By AdamantCat - 1 Review

She fell farther and farther down until she was almost unaware she was falling. It felt normal and with no end in sight, she began to lose hope and eventually gave up and let her body continue to plummet hundreds of miles deeper.

As she fell, it began to become hotter so hot that she was overcome with the heat and how strong it had become, how powerful she had allowed it to become. She threw herself towards the wall of the hole but was too weak to hold on, and began to fall once more.

She was exhausted after what felt like millions of failed attempts, and although she felt the urge to give up, she threw herself at the edge one more timeā€¦ she had made it, she had stopped falling and as she looked up realized how far she had to go, and she continued to climb up the wall, it gradually become cooler and the rock no longer burned her hand. She fell a couple of times but after a long time of fighting and struggling she crawled out of the never-ending hole and embraced the light.

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8 Oct, 2017
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<1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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