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Admit It

Admit It

By eloise2006

part of me hates to admit it

but i did love you

i did care for you

my silly little feelings got in the way of my brain

instead of listening to my brain

i listened to my heart

for once, i decided to go agaisnt my gut

because i loved you

i loved everything about you

your hair

your smile

your eyes

the way are fingers intertwined

the way our lips connected like a puzzle

the way you would sit in silence with me

the way you would know when i was sad

the way i wouldn't feel left out if we werent together

the way you made me feel

for once i was not scared of getting hurt

for once i thought i know what i was doing

for once i wasnt jealous

i was calm

i was at peace

and i hate to admit it but i ended up failling

i fell deeper and deeper

i didnt realise how deep i was until i couldnt get up

then i realised you werent in love with me

and yet i was still in love with you

i hate to admit it.

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13 Dec, 2022
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