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Adopt Me

Adopt Me

By Sam_Angela - 1 Review

I was born into a wealthy family 3 cars 8 bedroom house. My mother and father worked so hard so me and my brother had  everything. I sometimes think they only worked so much for themselves My father was a very good lawyer, my mother was a well known author. We may have had money but we never really where paid attention to. My mother worked in her office everyday till 7:00 in the morning through 9:00 at night. My father was hardly home, dealing with peoples problems. My brother was 17, I was 14,I loved my brother so much he always stood by me in my hardest times he was the only one who showed his love for me and understood me. I miss my dear brother more than anything. I wish my father had no enemy's because that's why our house burned down. I blame my father and blame my mom for allowing my father to abuse me and let him have enemy's to do what they did.
    It was one late night monday I was in my room listening to music and finishing up homework. My brother was playing his guitar. My mother was in her office working like always and my father was at work. A loud knock on the door startled me I looked out my window, there was about five well dressed men in black suits. I quickly ran downstairs to my moms room.  "mom theres someone at the door" I exclaimed. My mother had rolled her eyes and staggered to get up, "thank you For interrupting me".
"sorry mom but there is like five guys at the door". My moms face had changed she quickly had ran to the door looked out the window she had quickly glanced at me then opened the door to danger. One tall man grabbed my mom from her hair while the other men took out their guns and pointed to me "where is the money"? I remember my brother running downstairs and a man grabbing him by his neck and tossing him to the couch. "leave us alone what did we do"? The man grabbing my moms hair tossed her to the ground, her high heel flew off into the air falling down to its point.  "what do you want"? I had questioned one of the men. He chuckled and shot at our chandelier. My brother screaming "please don't hurt us take what you need". My mother crying looking suspicious. 2 hours had gone by and they threatened us if when our dad comes home we shall not say a word about what happened to just be ready for what would happen. They left laughing and grabbing my mothers wallet from her bag. "Adios, till later" the tall man exclaimed winking at me.
    My mother  starred at us in shock she comforted us and smiled "it's ok it's just your dads enemy's they won't come again". My dad came home sat his brief case down on a stool kissed my mom. Didint say a word and ran upstairs. It all seemed stranged to me why my mother and father acted like nothing, couldn't my dad see the broken chandelier my moms bruise on her neck, my brothers frightened face my tears rolling down my check. "do you smell fire or something" my brother asked "I do where is it coming from". I looked out the window the men were back this time with matches and a lighter  one man made eye contact with me winked and the fire started. I remember my brother yelling, my mother grabbing my brother and reaching out for me . I don't remember what happened but I had survived.
    I ended up in a orphanage, I had a few scars on my face and neck. I always think "why I survived with little scars and no broken bones" it was a mystery that lived with me.
A couple entered the orphanage center looking for a young teenager. The receptionist turned to me and smiles. I look at the couple and the receptionist. "hi I'm Kate and he is my husband Ronald". "hello I'm caroline" I introduced with a flat smile. "your so beautiful Amanda, how old are you"? She sits down on a chair besides me and looks up to her husband. " I'm 17, I just turned 17 2 weeks ago". I felt my heart drop when I spoke to much. "wonderful she smiled do you want to come home"? She stood up and grabbed Ronald's hand. "it's a very nice house, you get your own room" Ronald spoke. "um....okay" I tripped over my words and shyed out looking hard down to the ground. "it's ok you will love it, We will back tommorow to pick you up". They hugged me tight welcomed me and walked away with big smiles.
    I was excited I had felt loved I was stuck in a orphanage for 3 years and I'm finally going to have a family a house to live in......"love". That's what I wanted love, and I was finally going to receive it.
   The night has come soon I will be in a cozy house with a mom and dad who care. I shut my eyes pull my covers on top of my head and crawl into a ball.
The next morning they arrived with a huge smile on their faces." Caroline  your free are you ready to come home"? Says Kate and Ronald at the same time. "yes, yes I am" I looked back at my little area that only had a hard bed and a small doll house that I never played with.  "let's go Amanda, let's go home".

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15 Sep, 2014
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4 mins
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