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Advice to Myself
Advice to Myself

Advice to Myself

IvyIvy Lena

I am now in my late eighties and I’ve often been asked would I do things different. I’m not sure about what I would do different, but I wish I could of given myself some advice . If I could go back and meet myself as a child.This is what I would want to say:

You are unique, a one off, an original and as so do not try to bend and blend, until you morph into something, into someone who isn’t you. No matter who they maybe, anyone who tries to change you or criticises you needs to have a small if any part in your life.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, those that have time for you as much as you have time for them. Do not be a people pleaser, for you will lose yourself in the process. Then, start every day with a simple positive thought because although a cliche, it is the simple things in life that matter. Furthermore, never doubt yourself, trust your own instincts.

When you find love, treat it with care because no matter how sturdy it appears, it can always turn brittle.
Believe in you, love you and take care of you because no else can do it as good. Finally, enjoy the ride of your life with those you invite along. Expect to lose some along the way, for different reasons. Live not for yesterday nor tomorrow. Live for right now!

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Ivy Lena
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1 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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