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Advika...Chapter 1

This story has some quality issues

Advika...Chapter 1

By adrienne02

I am crashing into trees and stepping on sharp branches I only see trees, the night is young and the moon is full. The only light in this part of the jungle at this time is the light from torches. But, there are no torches where I am going. There is only darkness. Darkness. The heart of all fears. Not my fear, and my fear is what I am running away from at this very second. The most evil man that has ever lived. His name is Yuma. He is trying to destroy me and my people. He said he is trying to wipe out our village and start a bigger, stronger, and a more powerful Iroquois Village. I am running away from him and his evil people. I had to leave my family and friends and life all behind and that is just the beginning of my adventure.

So this is my story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I was sitting in my corner of the wigwam when suddenly, my father came rushing in with a very worried face. “It’s Yuma,” he told my mother “Run to safety, I will stay here and fight Yuma and his men, GO NOW,” my mother grabbed Misun my little brother and told me to follow her NOW. So, I quickly grabbed my Husk Doll named Akita and ran out the opening as fast as I could trying to find my mother. I saw her running toward me. She said “ Let’s Go NOW we do not have a lot of time to get out of here before Yuma gets here your father’s words.” she said. “OK” I replied. She started to run while cradling Misun. She runs so gracefully, like a deer. I followed her. We were almost to the woods when I heard a screaming yell. I knew exactly what it was and who did it, it was Yuma. . . . . He came charging down the hill in the back of our village and started shooting at our men, women, and children with his bow and arrows. I was so scared. I started to run faster to escape the life I was about to leave behind. When I was about to reach the woods I heard a scream. It was from a woman. I turned around and lying on the ground was my MOTHER. She was crying of pain and she said “Advika” in the faintest voice “take Misun and Run, Run where no one will find yo-” “No don’t go please I will carry you to another village we can live together safely.They can help you. They can heal you with.. With.. with something.” I interrupted. “ No it is to dangerous take me with you save yourselves. You two are young, I am old. Protect Misun make sure he gets fed and please stay away from danger. I need to tell you something very important before I go, I love yo-”. . . . . . . She is gone.

I grabbed Misun and ran, ran like I had never ran before. As I ran I cried, I had tears running down my face and I needed to wipe them away so I could see but I just kept running for the fear of if I stopped they would run after me and kill me and Misun. I ran into the woods and kept running until I could not run any longer. I found a spot and sat down and just sobbed. As I wiped my face of tears I thought of what would happen next. I know what my mother was saying before she left. She was trying to say… I… I. holding back tears I said ...Love You. I kept crying until I realized that I had Misun. I am only 13 years old and I am running around the jungle with an infant. JUST MY LUCK. So, my adventure has just been unfolded…….

Author Notes: Written by my friend Katy! Credit to her :)


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8 Feb, 2017
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3 mins
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