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A girl by the name of Hannah was at home alone bored, her mother and father just left out for an important business, they leave about almost every day! And Hannah is sick of it, so she'd text her friends.

One day as her parents left out, she joined a group chat with her friends, Ema, Jack, Arianna, and Jorden.

"Hey, guys!",

Hannah said in the text bubble inserting a Memoji of her waving with a bright smile, each one of her friends begin to text back a welcoming as well,

"Sup Hana!",

Jorden texted and sent a Memoji of himself back waving, then comes Ema,

"Hi, girlfriend!",

Ema texted in the chat, and along came Jack,


Jack texted in a happy friendly mode, the friends all chatted about fun times and sent memes to one another, they all had a great time!

11:55 PM

The friends continued to chat and talk a lot about things that happened in their life, or things that happen earlier, until Ema said,

"Guys! Guys, I just got a text from someone who followed my Instagram! They said they loved my photos! Isn't that great!",

Ema texted happily and added a happy Memoji of herself, the friends texted back congratulating her for her 100th follower, until Ema said something else,

"I will record a video of me thanking my 100 followers! Hold on, AFK",

Ema texted back and put the words AFK in the chat saying she would be away for a while, Hannah then texted in chat,

"I'm so happy for her! We should all meet up at Starbucks and get a coffee or something to celebrate!",

Hannah said in the chat, Jorden then said,

"That's a good idea! But what about the party Jennifer is hosting?",

Jorden said asking a question, Jack then said,

"I don't like Jennifer though, she's annoying! She complains too much about nails, makeup, hair, Money! No way I'm going! I'd take Starbucks!",

Jack said complaining about Jorden's idea and joining with Hannah's idea, Hannah then got a notification about Emma's post, and said in chat,

"Guys! Guys, Ema must've posted the video! Let's so watch it!",

Hannah said alerting them, the friends all went and watched her video.

[The Video]
"Hey, guys! I am so happy to finally reach 100 followers! I am so happy! Thank you all so much!"-

Ema then gets cut off to hearing scratching noises in the background and turns around thinking it's her cat, but nothing was there, she then turned back around and continued,

"Uhm, as I said! Thank you all so much!"-

The lights then flickered, and something caught hold of Ema and grabbed her by her mouth, Ema was heard muffled screaming under the cold hand and the lights turned off and the video glitched out",

The friends all came back to the chat and talked super fast, Hannah said,


Hannah said raging in the chat, then Jorden said,

"I don't fricking know, but you wanna know who's gonna know? The fricking cops".

Jorden said, Jack then spoke up,

"... You're calling the cops? I'M CALLING THE FBI, TF IS THE COPS GONNA DO!",

Jack said rage typing in the chat, Hannah then said,

"What about we all calm down and go on FaceTime?",

They all did so and went on FaceTime together, Jorden said,

"Y'all just gonna sit there and calm down while our friend Ema could be dead? The hell y'all doing! Hold on AFK, I'm calling the cops".

Jorden said grabbing his other phone while still on FaceTime, he dialed '911' and the phone begin to ring, while he isn't noticing, something in his background moved, Hannah then spoke up and said,

"J..Jorden! There's s..something in your Uhm... B..background!",

Hannah said stuttering, Jorden scared didn't even move an inch, Jack then spoke up and said,

"J..Jorden... If you d..don't make it... Just... Know.. I've had a c..crush on you since 5th grade okay! I love you..",

Jack said admitting his feelings, Jorden being brave and looked at the screen and said in clear words,

"I love you too Jack.."-

Jorden gets cut off to something twisting his head back, then the call between him gets disconnected and glitched off, Jack not holding anything back lets out tears, Hannah not knowing what to do cries, Jack then said,

"I just l..lost.. No, I can't do this. Hannah, meet up at the tree, Now, I can't lose you too".

Jack said having a stutter at the start than talking in clear words, Hannah agreed and they got ready, but still stayed on the call, Hannah didn't get dressed, she didn't wanna risk it, she just slides on her shoes and ran out of the door not turning back, same did Jack, they both reached the tree and Hannah said,

"I'm so scared... I can't believe we lost our friends! When they said 'AFK' I didn't want them to be gone forever!",

Hannah said aching with tears in her eyes, Jack hugged her and never let her go, he then said,

"It's okay... Shh..",

Hannah holding him tightly says,

"Promise me... We will be friends forever..",

Jack nodded, and then said to Hannah...

"Why don't you close your eyes for a bit..?"

Hannah to scared to ask why did it anyway, and was stabbed in the back, she opened her eyes to see Jack in front of her holding a knife with blood on it and figured out Jack was behind this all and slowly closed her eyes.

Author Notes: Thank you all for reading my short horror story! Have a nice day, be safe! Peace!

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29 Apr, 2021
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