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Age 13
Age 13

Age 13


“Aoife, my precious flower, don’t cry,” the soothing voice of her mother called out to her.

“You aren’t real! You died! So stay that way!” Aoife spat back at the blonde vixen who taunted her mind.

“Please, be strong for my my beautiful rose,” the voice spoke again.

“You abandoned me!” The blonde witch stepped closer to Aoife's rage filled body.

“I love you, my sweet buttercup! I would never leave you on purpose! It was out of my control!” the voice made its’ own desperate plea, "No one could have known what events would have occured that night!"

"Get out of my head!"


Aoife’s body then jerked upwards towards cell, tears streamed down her eyes profusely as she shook her head, “It’s not real! None of it’s real!” She shouted, almost as if she were trying to convince the world that she was not driving herself mad.

Her eyes wander slowly around her tasteless surroundings, a state of the art laboratory surrounds her body, nothing has changed from all those years ago except for the delusions of her mother she was having. Aoife was locked up tight and kept under 24 hour surveillance out of fear of what she was.

“Silence, 34I0A!” A man’s voice rang from the other side of the cage, “If only you were a better test subject, now stay still,” the man began to unlock the cage where he kept the sullen and deprived Aoife, now thirteen years old, as he brought a needle closer to her neck, “This will only hurt for a little while.”

Aoife’s eyes widened at the site of the needle but she wasn’t fast enough to react as the burning liquid shot its way through her body, she pushed the man away and let out an agonizing scream. Her body was no longer under her control, vines began to coat her body only making her screams louder, “What’s happening to me!”

Her voice was distorted and she was no longer in control

The group of scientists stared at her baffled, her lime green eyes sparkled in amusement and finally, one of the scientist spoke up, "How do you feel," he walked closer to her and placed a calming smile on his face, "Aoife?"

The girl looked up at him and smirked, "Aoife? Couldn't think of something better, Steven? I think would've preferred something like," she walked towards the bars of her cage and grasped them tightly, "Goddess. Her highness. Her majesty. Or perhaps Master?"

This personality was odd, different from the quiet girl who would sob in silence about her situation from years past. This girl sounded more…. Insane. Whoever was there was a new person and it seemed that the Drug A that the scientists had been injecting into the girl with a poor mental state had gotten them a result that over a dozen others failed to do.

Before they were able to realize her true intentions, "Steven" was covered from head to toe in vines as his face became a deep hue of blue. The rest looked on in horror as they soon realized the green eyes had now turn blood red and had no intention of leaving any evidence behind. The lights cut out and the Venus flytrap kept in the office as a pet had now grown ten times its original size and lunged toward one of the screaming workers.

Aoife then thrust her feminine hand forward at one of the work room staff, large vines wrapped around the necks of the departments two lead scientists of whom she most resented. Aoife's feeling of regret, fury, and pain were all released upon the scientists who treated her like a useless lab rat who they could use for fame and fortune.

The group began to plead with the thirteen year old girl and beg her to calm from her rage, however a few seconds later all that would resonate from the laboratory basement was the cold lifeless silence and the cackling flames left from the destruction of a hate filled child known as Aoife.
The incident was known as an urban myth told to scare children who didn't brush their teeth at night or left one leg to hang from their beds. The government believed that it was best if the public hadn't known the truth about the events that conspired that night, so as not to frighten the public.

To the government it was all just a bad dream.


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16 Mar, 2017
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3 mins
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