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Age 15

Age 15

By Aoife

Age 15

It’s been two years since her abrupt escape and Aoife has integrated herself into society. Making a living as a bartender and a dive bar thousands of miles from the laboratory that caged her like an animal. She had a new idea brewing in her mind, she wanted to experience normality. She wanted to do what other humans did, start a career, make friends and not enemies, possible understand what it meant to be human and not an oddity. She knew she had no control over her emotional outbreaks, however she had no idea of the grave actions she had committed but she understood full and well the $750,000,000 million dollar bounty looming over her head was no joke.

Though she never fully understood why she had a such a large bounty to begin with, she was well aware of the fact that she was an oddity thanks to her time in the laboratory facility, she felt as though she lost touch of what was left of her humanity. She could never stay in one place too long or else she would risk getting caught by the same government who wants her back in a cage.

She had finally achieved her sweet freedom after all and there was no way she would let it at [i]any[/i] cost.

One late night at the tavern as she was getting ready to close up shop, a strange man with lime green eyes wearing a fedora, walked up to her and offered her a smile, “Are you the owner of this establishment?”

Aoife stared at him bewildered and frightened, that eye color was extremely rare, she had never seen anyone with the same eye color as her. She shook off her surprise and looked at him curiously, “We’re closed, get out.”

The man took off her fedora and ran his large hand through his fiery red hair with a sigh, “Closed, you say?”

Aoife nodded her head hesitantly, the room was tense and Aoife placed her hands behind her back, “It’s late, and I must get home to my son,” she lied, but she knew she needed to leave the moment she got a chance. If only this oaf would leave too, she thought.

“You look a little young to have a son- Where are my manners,” the man stretched out his hand, “They call me Doran, you can too.”

Aoife sighed, “I don’t care, sir. Can you please just-”

“Skipping the pleasantries aren’t you? I would love to know the name of girl who cause the Massacre at Noel Labs,” Doran chuckled.

“What massacre?” Aoife slid her hand up and touched the thin blades of her faithful daggers, the strange encounter was quickly becoming more of a suspicious arrangement more than anything else. This man shouldn’t know these things, he shouldn’t have the same strange colored eyes that she had, and he shouldn’t know about that incident.

“I just wanted to make sure my daughter was alive, so that I killed her myself.”

Aoife pulled out her daggers and lunged at the man’s neck, however the man was much quicker than her and placed a gun at her neck and gave her a crooked smile, “Stay still and I will make this fast and painless.”

Aoife’s eyes widened in fear and she dropped her daggers, she slowly raised her hands up and sighed, “I hope you rot in hell.”

Vines swirled around his body and neck trapping him in place and causing him to drop his gun, Doran struggled and was attempting to break himself free from his green prison. Aoife smirked and picked up the man’s gun, “Never underestimate your opponent, Sherlock.”

Aoife pointed the gun to his face and hesitated for a moment, she fired two gunshots to the glass which set off the alarm and she strolled away with a beat in her step. ‘Bounty hunters are so stupid, there no way someone that stupid could be my dad,’ she thought blissfully and walked down the alleyway and disappeared into the night under the loud screeching sounds of police sirens.


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18 Apr, 2017
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3 mins
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