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Age 19

Age 19

By Aoife


There Aoife sat, restrained by thick metallic straps of reinforced steel connected to the seat of her wooden chair, she was there in the flesh. Her face stained with cuts, tears, and mascara and her lips painted in a mixture or red lipstick and blood, she glared at the man before her and turned her head to the side showing off the bruises on her neck and collar bones.

“Listen you nature freak, did you kill Mayor’s daughter, Miss Quinn Sloan?” A man with a large beer gut and shiny forehead pressed her further.


Inside a dirty gray interrogation room with camera in every corner watching her every breath and watching her movements closely. This was her childhood town where she grew up and the evil wicked girl who only brought about anguish and fear was right in the interrogation room with broken wooden floor because she got sloppy, her “friend” was found dead in her arms after all.

She was her best friend after all.

Though Quinn was warned constantly to avoid all contact with the nature freak herself, she persisted anyways and now she was gone forever.

Aoife closed her eyes and clenched her fists in agitation, “I’m a terrible person I know,” the man’s dusty grey eyes widen in surprise, they had been there for over five hours since Aoife was taken in and those were her first words, “I’m a murderer, I take advantage of people’s kindness, and I’m a walking natural disaster for a human being if I can even be called that anymore,” her eyes opened and her lime green eyes glistened with tears as they spilled down her face and onto the open cuts she received on her face. Her spirit was crushed as she felt her wings had been ripped out of her back and burned to the ground, “However, you people may feel about me, no matter how much you people hate me, I could never kill the only person who made my life worth living again!”

The man abruptly stood up and slammed her head into the table causing Aoife to clench her teeth to keep from her give the man the satisfaction of seeing blood spill from her mouth, as much as she tried to close her floodgates, they were broken and tears spilled out her of her eyes faster with each passing second.

The man smelled of grease and onions, his empty lunch wrappers and empty coffee cups littered the floor and the man grabbed a fistful of her now dull red hair and pulled her head to and from across the table, “Learn to respect your elders, kid.”

The light began to flicker wildly and the one way mirror started to crack, the man released her hair and backed away from the girl in fear and with caution in hopes the unwelcome phenomenon would cease, searching every nook and cranny of the room for a solution, “W-w-what the sam h-hell is going on in here?”

“You’ve forced her wrath.”

The man’s head darted back towards Aoife, his eyes widened in fear as sweat dripped from bald cranium, he swallows hard and slowly backs away towards the door, “W-w-what’re y-you going on about n-n-now?!”

She lifted her head up and faced the table and started to cough up the crimson blood that her body was rejecting at that moment, looking up at the man with an empty stare, her sclera now pitch black and her pupils bright green, she began to run out of tears to cry blood began to stream out instead, she smirked at the man and started to laugh at his cowardice, “I will allow you to pray for forgiveness, then I will have to end your life.”

All the color from the man’s face drained as he quickly ran for the door, pulling and turning the doorknob violently, much to his surprised vines began to wrap on his hands and feet, he was trapped in place and couldn’t move, his bloodcurdling screams fell on deaf ears as his colleagues were poisoned by an unfamiliar smelling gas that came from the vines. His eyelids soon grew heavy as he was left with a few short words from the girl.

“Never capture a wild beast, they love their freedom more than they value your life.”

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About This Story
27 May, 2017
Read Time
3 mins
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