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Age 20

Age 20

By Aoife - 1 Review

Age 20

“Kff Kff!”

Aoife placed a hand over her mouth and felt a sticky black liquid spill from her lips, her eyes widened in shock and her hands began to tremble as she used her right arm to sit her heavily wounded body up on the tree and ran her hand through her blood stained hair.

“I told you I would be the one to kill come out and accept your fate, you tree witch!”

The voice of Doran rang loudly through the forest and Aoife jumped and knocked her head against the tree in despair as tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to stand up, the pain from the special bullets customly made for “killing monster like her” were lodged in her body. She grabbed whatever was left of her red gown and and took off running in the opposite direction of Doran’s voice as tears streamed from her eyes as she felt for the first time in a long time fear.

‘I don’t want to die anymore! I don’t want to die yet, what kind of sick bastard gets off on killing his daughter?’

She thought to herself as a feeling of dread washed over her, the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps coming from behind her and decided to ignore the spread of pain coursing through her body and speed up despite the future consequences.

However, she know speed wasn’t her strong suit and felt the force of a bull tackle her down to the ground and standing over her was him as she expected she looked up at him and decided to plead, plead for her life but as she tried no words came out as her vision began to blur and tears burned the open cuts on her face from the explosion prior to the chase.

Doran smirked and shrugged his shoulders as he kicked her in the gut and watched her body fly into a circle of blue mushrooms and he began to cackle in glee, “I can’t believe a failed experiment like you actually evaded me for so long, it’s really fucking annoying you know.” He said amused as he walked towards her and watched the life slowly slip from her body, wanting the last thing she heard to be, “I did your mother a favor by killing her, just like I’m doing for you.”

He placed the barrel of his gun at her forehead and quickly squeezed the trigger as a blinding white light bounced the bullet straight back at him and he narrowly dodged it by the skin of his teeth. He looked at the half dead prey in the circle slowly disappear before his eyes in complete shock as the wounds on r body vanished into thin air and her dress returned back to its natural splendor.

“W-what the hell?!” his eyes widened in surprised and ear as he was witnessing the witchcraft firsthand, in a split second he pounced into the blinding light and felt his body slowly rip apart into shreds and let out a series of pain filled scream.

Hours passed and Doran’s eyes fluttered open as he was surrounded by strange animals not from his world as well as the beings he hated most fae, or in his eyes abominations, of all sorts and sizes, or in his words freaks.

“Where the seven hells am I?”

Elsewhere Aoife barely managed to get onto her own two feet in front of a large blue crystal and reached out for it as if she was in a trance like state but paused as she was greeted by an enraged kitsune and an orc who were quick to imprison her seeing as she was intruding in their world.

The orc threw her into the hanging cell and locked it shut, ignoring her desperate cries and pleas and disappeared into the stairwell. Aoife’s eyes filled with tears as her chest began to feel tight and her heart sank into her gut, she slammed against the bars and screamed at the top of her lungs for someone to let her out. However once she noticed her pleas were in vain she slumped against the bars of her cell and ran her shaking hands through her hand and let out a sigh.

“H-happy fucking birthday to me,” she managed to choke out through her tears and felt the memories of her time in the laboratory slowly begin to replay over and over in her mind.

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6 Aug, 2017
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