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Age 5
Age 5

Age 5


It all started one spring morning, there laid a small child no more than the age of five and a woman who held the child close within the Sleepy Forest. Sleeping on a pile of leaves, the child’s green eyes fluttered softly as the roaring winds caused flower petals to drift around her. The woman was wide awake her eyes laid on the little girl as she stroked her long orange hair, hiding a smile behind her cool demeanor.

“Aoife, wake up,” the woman called out to the little girl as she slowly began to stir in her sleep

“Mother?” the little girl looked up to see a glowing silhouette, the silhouette smiled lovingly at her as her blonde hair danced in the wind.

“Aoife, Aoife get up now!” Her mother’s voice once soothing voice became abruptly urgent and suddenly the forest changed drastically, once a peaceful meadow was now burning, smoke and bright flames danced in the sky. The morning sky was now a dark treacherous night with a large moon dimly lit, even the stars hid from the sky this night.

“Mom!” Aoife cried out, her mother now nowhere in sight, the girl began to cough as tears brimmed her tired eyes, even then she still stood up and began to wander avoiding the burn trees and blood curdling screams.



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16 Mar, 2017
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1 min
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