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Age 7

Age 7

By Aoife

Age 7

“Can I help you?” Aoife asked as she glared up at the three boys who towered over her. The oldest boy standing in the middle, Xander, was eleven at the time and king of the orphanage. Every boy and girl there looked up to him and could never question anything he said, except Aoife. The two other boys were both named Adam and had the combined intelligence of a sack of rocks, or Xander’s lackeys so to speak.

“You’re in our way, can’t you go play with the grass somewhere else, Nature Freak,” Xander snickered, as his lackeys encouraged his antics. Referring to Aoife because she was always playing in the flowers and trees away instead of playing on the dingy playground in front of the orphanage with the rest of the kids.


“Looks like I gotta teach her some manners then,” Xander boasted as other kids crowded around the small dirty playground. ‘Oohs’ filled the small oddly shaped circle and Aoife glanced around her surrounding and sighed.

Xander lunged at Aoife, who stayed seated on the small grass patch, as she raised her fist full of dirt and threw it into Xander’s eyes.

“What the heck-” Aoife placed a heavy kick to Xander’s nose and watched him fall to the ground. Aoife then brushed off her dress and walked away from the scene with a small smirk plastered on her face.

Both the Adam’s looked bewildered as the king of the playground laid on the floor bleeding from his nose and crying tears as the small girl walked away from the scene like this was no big deal.


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22 Mar, 2017
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