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Age 8
Age 8

Age 8


Aoife was sitting in a dingy office as two odd figures loomed over her, she glared at them and crossed her arms. She wanted to go back to the forest, she wanted to check on her mother and her mother’s tree and shows herself it was all a bad dream, she didn’t want to be stuck in an ugly office and she surely didn’t want to be adopted by those two evil creatures.

“It’s done!” A woman cried in pure joy as she was finally getting rid of the kid whom they all called the nature freak. Aoife never spoke to them unless it was to lash out on them, she never played with the other kids, and she liked to be away from the other kids, “She’s all yours.”

Two months after being adopted by the two wicked individuals who labeled her as a freak for her odd hair color that appeared to be as bright as the flaming sun. It was exactly three years after being forced to watch both her mother and her mother’s tree burn helplessly that she was locked inside the basement for talking back to her fake father.

“And you’ll stay in there ‘til ya’ learn somethin’ ‘bout respect, you creature!” The man yelled through the door.

Tears brimmed her eyes and a twisted smile came across her lips as she screamed on the top of her lungs, “Over my dead body, you fat-”

She didn’t had time to finish her statement as the door lunged open and her fake father grabbed her by her wrist and dangled her up to six feet in the air, “Let me go!”

The man ignored her and walk up to the attic, ignoring the little girl’s protest and screams. Aoife looked up at the man’s face as it was twisted in anger and resentment, once in the attic he opened up the window and dangled her outside of the second story window. His wife looked on and laughed, “When you wanna learn some respect we’ll let ya’ down.”

They both snickered to themselves, and Aoife began to get dizzy. Her heart rate increased drastically to twice the rate of the average human, her sclera turned pitch black and her pupils became a bright green. That was all she remembered from that moment. She was unsure of what she had done or that this cruel event had forced her powers to awaken but when she awoke she was in the living room of the play dungeon she lived in for those two months.

She noticed her hands were stained with the blood and her arms were covered in the rings of trees, she then looked behind her and saw the work she had done. The whole house reeked of blood and there was no one left alive in that house but her.

She panicked. She had never killed anyone before. Let alone in such a horrendous fashion. She then burned the house in hopes to get rid of the evidence, she turned on the gas stove in the house and grabbed a matchbook from her adoptive father’s bloodstained pants. Before she could strike the match, a stunningly gorgeous man grabbed her tiny wrist and threw her head to the wooden flooring.

She awoke in a laboratory and looked around frantically, she grabbed the cell bars and banged on them violently however no one paid her any attention as she shrunk down and sighed, fearing this being the end of her. A man walked up to her and injected a strange green glowing fluid into her neck. The liquid spread through her body and she screamed in agonizing pain, the pain was so intense that her body could not take it and began to slowly shut down.


Author Notes: Bumped up the rating to be on the safe side.

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16 Mar, 2017
Read Time
3 mins
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