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Age of Success

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Age of Success

By sorrynotsorry

At age 1, success is being able to say your first word.

At age 5, success is learning how to read.

At age 10, success is getting out of elementary school.

At age 11, success is dodging the bullies who want to hurt you.

At age 12, success is not feeling down about a B on a test.

At age 13, success is ending your day without wanting to die.

At age 15, success is getting help.

At age 20, success is getting a job.

At age 30, success is having a family.

At age 40, success is getting the promotion you’ve been working so hard for.

At age 60, success is knowing that your children are going to have kids soon.

At age 80, success is watching your grandchildren walk down the aisle at their own wedding.

At age 99, success is watching your family smile and cry as they say goodbye for the last time.

At any age, success is being happy.


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6 Mar, 2017
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