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Aint going where

Aint going where

By Dreamergirl

I love to dream,but i never work , my live dint go smoothly... I love imagination things that i know it Will not happen in live, i have a great parents but its going nothing nowhere. I am just a young teenagers Thats always believe in miracle, problem dint stop coming to my live, i dream,laughing ,hang on,joking but i know one thing live must go on..! I'm a kind a person who love to read quotes Thats can inspire me. I hate bitches for Sure those prostitues that destroy my live,hurting my heart. The best part is even my best friend that is just my neighbour cheated on me. She is just a bitches that not hero hearts. But i remember something karma do pay back and i dont have to Be worry,live is colourful so always Be happy, i learn something in live even The person who We thought friend / family Will break our heart. my mum Will always Be The strong person in my live she is my inspiration, she face all those challenge eventhough only i know her lain :( i realy wish god know our problem its realy sad to SEe my mum bring abuse by the people surrounding her, she dint even care and keep smilinam. I realy hate to SEe her tears fallling down. If only i wish that is a right man for my mum :( so that she wont suffer, i hate all those retarded prostitues who destroy my mum heart by stealing by father, mum i love You i dont know what to do to maka You happy. I Hope god is doing The best for You :)

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22 Jun, 2013
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1 min
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