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aking diary1

aking diary1

By foreveryours

Hi my name is real name is ysare.I'm a third year high school student.I'm studying in a private school.I am the class chairman of our class.My adviser is very funny but he is very strict about having relationships inside our classroom.He wanted us to just have a bother-and-sister relationship.As the class chairman i am classified as the eldest sister.At first it was all right but as the months went by i became very weary about my job.

i thought i should just self-impeach myself from the job especially when our adviser got mad because of our insensitivity.After our adviser walked out of the room, I started to to share what i felt in front of the class.I broke down and cried.After me my vice chairman(Jane) shared her feelings.She also cried.I told the other officers of the class that I am ready to self-impeach myself when my treasurer(Mel) spoke and said "Sis, don't this!! Please don't, especially right now.You are the only person whom we can lean to!! We can do this if we work together".

Because of what she said i found courage to work this out!!!

I realized that I shouldn't back out easily.I also realized that when I agreed to take my position in class I should do my best to work at this kinds of problems.

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29 Oct, 2011
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