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Alien Night at the Beach

Alien Night at the Beach

By MF Kepler

The aliens were already here, Floyd was convinced.

In the evening sky, the lights out there over the water, He knew that these were UFO's, patrolling, sulking, planning & plotting to make a beeline into his neighborhood and reduce it into flaming carnage.& no one seemed to listen or care?..

He walked his dog down to the beach every evening, Rusty liked this time of year early fall,

Horseshoe crabs lay in the shallows & were smelly & their shells were easy to smack with a paw, flip over & decimate. Rusty was the crabs' alien invader, Mom thought that I had an overactive imagination,

Losing Dad when I was young, Growing up with no male figure to look up to & to be yelled at by, too much time entertaining oneself gave a kids' imagination a workout & then some,

Often it was more a hinderance rather than a help. But the aliens were here already, He just knew it!..

He had found the battery, that's how he knew, or what he had imagined a battery, or maybe some kind of key or controller? Floyd had never seen anything like it, it was just..Unworldly?

Two weeks ago, Sunday evening twilight, a dull piece of metal kind of like a magnet, Rusty's ID tag stuck to it, there were symbols on it, Kind of Egyptian Hieroglyphics or something like that.A row of triangles, then some dots & half a row of writing Floyd had never seen before.The battery or whatever it could be?.. was small but dense, heavier than a baseball.

Floyd thought..I'll take this home & show Mom & then she would know too, Evidence right there on the kitchen table, How could she deny it?..Or, handle it?.. thought Floyd.

After Dad died it was all on her, I did my best but she got up every morning, went to work, took all the big responsibilities, her plate was full...I couldn't burden her with this too?

Floyd reflected in the light of the new moon, It's you & me Rusty, Floyd scratched the dogs' rump and they continued on their way home. It's our mission, he thought deep while staring at a distant star, until the rest of them get off the couch and wake up it's all on us, the fate of our home, heck, the neighborhood, maybe even the whole planet?

The wind chimes rang out in the still night, the stream of bright light entered thru the sliding door, the unknown object disappeared from the bedroom end table as Floyd and Rusty lay in an artificial deep sleep.

Moments later a silent alien craft rose thru the water, stood still for a moment and then streaked toward the heavens with everything it had arrived with including their portable GPS.

Author Notes: MF Kepler is a writer based on the North Shore of Long Island. His work has appeared on several online sites and he can be reached at: [email protected]
Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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About The Author
MF Kepler
About This Story
4 Nov, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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