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Alive but Dead

Alive but Dead

By teannalovesyou

I awoke in my bed one morning and realized i had a throbbing pain in my leg again...It had been just starting to heal from a couple before this when my father pushed me down the stairs and broke it...and the night before this, sure enough, he got mad and pushed me down them again... I don't blaim my daddy for hurting me though, i deserve it, i don't do anything right.. My mommy started crying last night, i don't know why, but when daddy pushed me down the stairs she burst in to tears and ran away! Then he got mad at her:( I love my daddy so much! It's not his fault i'm a screw up and he can't put up with it when he get's drunk. And it's not my mommy's fault either! They both try to love me, but i'm just really bad my daddy tells me all the time..
Today he came home from the bar and was even more drunk than he usually is, i tried to run from him but he caught me an through me into the wall...I hit my head on the door and passed out. When i woke up my dad was slaping my mommy and yelling at her! I got up and hit him in the back! He shouldn't yell at my mommy she didn't do anything! He turned around and hit me in the stomach, it made me throw up on his feet...That made him really mad....We had a belcony upstairs in Mommy and Daddy's room, he picked me up and carried me up there, he then dangled me off the edge of it and started yelling at me...I was scared, yes. but i was also happy, if he get's rid of me i won't be a pest to them anymore, and they can move on in their lives. Then he let go! I just smiled, Then i hit the ground....I don't remember anything after that exept waking up on a bed and a really pretty man standing over me, he told me i could trust him and his name was Jesus, he told me i'm not a screw up and that he loved me. Because of him i have a loving home in thi place called heaven. <3

-Her father went to jail for killing his daughter and the mom killed herself because she missed her little girl so much, She is now in heaven with her little baby where they can finially live happyily ever after<3

-Hitting your children is wrong, and no kid should ever have to endore these kind of things or feel these kind of emotions, and over all , no kid should ever blaim thereselves for being abused.

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3 Nov, 2011
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2 mins
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