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all alone and a train ended it

all alone and a train ended it

By clockwork3

There was a little girl who always cried herself to sleep.
She could never escape their shouting their insults their taunting from neighboorhood kids.
Their parents didn’t care.
Her parents didn’t care.
They never asked her why she comes into the house crying.
Even when she was barely 7 years old.
Her parents never really cared, most of the time they basically forgot that they had a daughter.
Always forgot that she even existed.
Forgot about her at school.
Forgot to feed her.
Buy her clothes.
Forgot to love her.
they basically ignore her.
The school wasn’t any better. they often when doing the check up attendance they question who was the last child’s name on the list.
Her class mates always bully her emotionally and physical.
Now she’s 15 and is a shutter in and very quiet.
Always silent.
But nothing hasn’t change.
People from her childhood still harassed her and even people she never meet slap her or push her against the walls or when walking down the stairs.
She always came home covered in cuts and nasty bruises.
Over the years from 7 years old to 15 she lost all hope. The funny thing is that when she was an infant her parents wouldn’t leave her alone, always smiling together and laughing together.
What happen to make all that change she doesn’t know.
She blames her self for every thing that’s happening and for what happen.
Now she’s standing on the train tracks by her home in germany.the whisltle signal that h e train was close to coming now. She bid her farewell and the train drew closer now.
That was a moment that a smile was formed on her lips over the years.
Her heart stopped.
Then everything faded to black.

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8 Dec, 2011
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