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All Alone Part One

All Alone Part One

By Lemon Drop

(Jake Levisky's pov.)

The women with greying hair and eye bags walks me down a long narrow hall. Pictures hang on the walls; dozens of children in there graduation cap and gown, smiling brightly and happily.

"Jake, honey. This is your room," I nod at the frail women. "Lunch is in an hour." She waves goodbye as I walk into the room. Two beds against each wall, two desks, and two dressers.

One bed is occupied by a boy with sandy blond hair and black glasses. He glances up at me, then averts his eyes back to his book. "Mrs. Seinfeild is nice, you will like her. She is a really good cook too," I nod at him and he raises an eyebrow waiting for me to say something.

"I am Cody, you must be Jake. " I nod, he smirks and closes the big book sitting in his lap. "All you have to worry about is Casey and Veronica, they are Kleptomaniacs. Evetually you will grow to like it here, " I shrug not entirely sure about that.

I just want to go back home with my mom and dad but I cannot because they aren't here anymore and this is my new home.


Mrs. Seinfield serves steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes. After that we have desert which is ice cream and brownies. Then we all go into the living room and watch a movie.

There are four other kids other than Cody and I; Casey, Veronica, Mitchel, and Bailey.

Casey is a feiry girl with straight black hair and dark muddy skin.

Veronica is a pale red head with a splatter of freckles across her nose.

Mitchel is a big guy with broad shoulders and black beady eyes.

Bailey is a tall thin boy with curly hair he keeps in a ponytail.

And even though I am surroded by all these orphaned kids I still fill all alone. Like I am the only person left on Earth.

Author Notes: I looked up shortstory ideas and this one caught my attention.

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Lemon Drop
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22 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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