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All Alone Part Three
All Alone Part Three

All Alone Part Three

BookNerd123Lemon Drop
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(Jake Levisky)

I have been here about two months now and have become acquainted with everyone and everything. After school we sit in the living room and do our homework. Cody and I on the couch, Veronica and Casey leaned against the wall heads bent together, and Mitchell and Bailey in oppsing arm chairs.

We all sit like this now; I am reading and correcting my essay for English class and Cody is reading his. Casey is helping Veronica with sceince, Mitchell doing math, and Bailey doing Biology.

"Take a break and come get a snack," Mrs. Seinfeild says sticking her head in the living room. Cody looks at me,"go ahead and let me finish this page." He nods, one by one they all get up and walk into the kitchen.

It is just Veronica and I left in the living room; she walks over and sits down beside me, her leg brushing mine, and I scoot away tell my back hits the arm rest of the couch. She looms over me.

Leaning in and I panic knowing what she is about to do.

"I am GAY!" I shout pushing her away, she falls to the ground, and I run off up the stairs and into my room where I lock the door. I just told the whole house that, everyone knows.

Author Notes: I know its short but I love it anyway

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Lemon Drop
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27 Oct, 2020
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1 min

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