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All Alone Part Two
All Alone Part Two

All Alone Part Two

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Cody Brown's pov.)

The lights are off, the room silent other than the half-alert breathing of Jake and I. I lay on my side, back towards Jake, facing the wall. I can hear him moving over and over and over again in the dark trying to get cozy on the extremely uncomfortable beds I am sad to have grown used to.

I sit up; pulling my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them, and laying my head on my knees. He sits up too, facing me in the mirroring position except he is facing me and I am not facing him. I cannot face him with the questions I am about to ask, I do not want to see the sadness in his eyes that I know will be there even in the dark. I cannot see the pain he will hold back, I cannot see any of it.

"What happened to your parents, why are you here?" I ask half- whispering, hoping he might not hear, because I might not want to know the answer.

"They were coming back from a work party at Dad's office and a drunk driver hit them, they lost control, and swirled into a ravine. Dad died on impact, Mom was five months pregnant and had a miscarriage on impact, but she drownded. They never found the car but apparently Mom tried to get out cause they found her body,floating there. Dad was never found, probably down at the bottom with the car." His voice sounds scratchy but strong and empty.

"Why are you here?" He asks and I know I have to tell him cause he told me.

"My mom died giving birth to me, my dad raised me till I was ten. He commited suicide the day before my eleveth birthday. The county put me here." I say pushing away all the pain.

"I think I am going to go to sleep now." I nod and he lays down. I lay down too, back towards him. I know he isn't asleep even an hour later as I fade into sleep myself he lays awake.

Author Notes: PART TWO!!!!

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Lemon Drop
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23 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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