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Life of Ghouls (Pt 1)

Life of Ghouls (Pt 1)

By Tiffany

~Ward 8, My house~

I groaned lowly as I woke up to Rose, knocking on my bedroom door of our (My) 3 story house. I got up slowly, still dressed in my clothes(Black & Red t-shirt, fur-lined jacket, black ABU’s, socks, combat boots, and fingerless combat gloves) with a dragon mask on the side of my head I wore last night still in place somehow, when I got to the door, I opened it up saying quietly “I’m up *Yawn* i’m up, you ok Rose?” finishing in a question, trying to wake up having only gotten about 2 hours of sleep last night.

Rose said to me scared, still suffering PTSD from being in the CCG prison since she was 6 years old till I broke her out 3 years ago, “I was just checking to see that you came back and not….not…” Her voice cracking, as tears slid down her pale face. I immediately wiped her tears from her face, before I pulled her into a hug, whispering even more quiet into her ear “It’s’s’re not in there anymore, your safe, your safe here, I will protect you.”

Once she calmed down, I released her from my hug, then I started to head down to the kitchen on the first floor, Rose having grabbed my hand just to make sure I won't disappear and never comeback.

I rummaged through the fridge deciding on making us some ghoul pizza, which is pizza for a ghoul.(my own recipe of course) As i was kneading the ‘dough’ Rose heard a noise at the front door, so she went to check it out asking me “Um, hun, are you expecting anyone?” I stopped what I was doing as I yelled “NO!!! GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR! HURRY!!!!” Then I raced to Rose just as my front door got destroyed by basically a army of doves coming into my house, pissing me the FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

I shot toward the first dove as my mask was put over my face with my left hand, my kagune shooting to life, one pushing Rose into the kitchen, another protecting my body, while the rest shot ahead, attacking the doves with extreme prejudice, killing many of the low ranking while those with quinques were able to deflect a few of the strikes some still dying though, causing me to smirk since my wild attack surprised, befuddled, and terrorfied them because I hadn't done this before they hadn’t expected it coming.

My intention wasn’t to win but to stall as to give Rose enough time to get away from here. I grunted as the normal doves were killed swiftly, while those with quinques either died, or deflected my kagune’s attacks. I knew I couldn't win like this but I also knew that if I ran they would go after Rose, and I could not let that happen!

It took them a few minutes to surround me as I kept them away from me, then I got hit with a electrified net, pulling me to the ground, electrocuting me the entire time. I was still being electrocuted when I heard a voice I did not want to hear right now, Rose’s! Then I finally blacked out, the last thing I saw was Rose attacking the doves with her kagune.

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About This Story
15 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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