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All he ever wanted

All he ever wanted

By neil518

The boy sits in the back of the room every day not saying a single word. He pretends not to hear the whispers from the other children, 'freak' 'weirdo' He knows they're talking about him but never says a word. He just stares into the distance hoping for the world to fall away.
At lunch he still sits alone trying to forget the world and all of the pain it causes him daily. He doesn't get any food he just sits at a table watching all of societies peons walk by acting like he doesn't exist. He feels no need to talk with anyone, they'd just find him strange and leave. That's all they ever did. He often wondered if anyone even knew his name, no-one called him by it. Absolutely no-one.
He makes his way home by himself praying to be left alone. His prayers are ignored when his daily tormentors approach. They pelt him with profanity and insults, he's learned to ignore the world. They move onto physical abuse, harder to ignore but he challenges himself to do so. It hardly helps but at least they finish sooner.
Finally he gets home and nobody's home. Now he's really alone, he can do whatever he wants. He walks up the stairs to his room. He tosses his backpack aside and drops onto his bed. He closes his eyes and lets his mind wander. 'Why an I always so lonely when people won't leave me alone? Why do I feel invisible if eyes are always on me? Do I deserve to feel so alone? I have a family but why don't they love me?"
He sat up and shakes his head, he can't expect any answers. He knows he should be doing chores but finally he decided he didn't care. 'Let them come punish me. I can handle anything they throw. I've had worse.' He smiles knowing there's nothing anyone can do to make him care. He doesn't care, he has nothing to care about. So what if no-one loves him? He can just lay there until the world falls away.
'I'll just let it fall away. Close my eyes and drift away. Let my body go cold and blood stop flowing. Just stop existing. Goodbye world.'

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6 May, 2011
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1 min
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