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All Tapped Out 
All Tapped Out 

All Tapped Out 

ShwetaShweta Shenoy

I always loved collecting things, anything unique, interesting and cute — key chains, tags from clothes, coins, stamps, small toys, souvenirs, trinkets, etc. I had everything I ever collected in my cupboards stacked away, locked for years. It wouldn't be wrong to refer to it as hoarding. I hoarded not one, not two but different kind of things I thought brought joy to me.

With a heavy heart and fondness, before moving to a new city, I went through everything I owned and to my surprise I discarded most of these collectables. The things I collected and saved my entire life. What I thought is a great hobby to have, and felt proud of once upon a time. But what struck me hard is, by the end of clearing everything, what I most treasured and could not part with were the books my parents bought me, a few books among the one I had read for years as a part of the curriculum, the diaries and books I wrote in, my clandestine journals, my father’s books of early editions which in itself is an untradable treasure.

For years until then, I believed the collecting things bring joy to me. I was so wrong. I also felt I have too many clothes and things I did not need. I felt the need to stop buying clothes and be satisfied with what I have and carry whatever I could to the new city. Same goes for the shoes too. I now feel I will live a life of abundance ruled by values, I am going to live a life of content. I have everything I need in life.

I doubt I will ever be content with collecting books and notebooks followed by some stationery, though. They continue to remain my loved weakness. But I have fallen out of love for shopping, collecting or hoarding. I don’t count collecting books as hoarding. I guess this is what all books lovers are going to say!

Perhaps after so many years on earth, I’ve just learned what makes me truly happy. What I genuinely value and appreciate. But I know this — I will be forever chasing time to do things which awaken my soul, create a spark in my brain, and the twinkle in the eyes. I will strive to do anything different each time I sit down with the creative side of me by painting colours on a canvas or by pixeled words or ink a book with my thoughts by immersing myself into it. Only, because I can’t stay away from it.

"Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama no negativity. Just living in a higher vibration, motivation, for good times and positive vibes. No jealously. No hate. Simply bringing out the best in each other"

©Shweta, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Author Notes: Thank y'all for reading my story. Please make sure to rate my story from 1-5 stars in the comment section and tell me what you thought.
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About The Author
Shweta Shenoy
About This Story
18 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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