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Chills ran up and down Gwen Locket's spine as she roamed the ally ways of Paris France. Drops of gentle rain fell from the sky and added to the ripples building up in the rifts of the pedway. Behind her, she could hear the sound of clicking shoes follow closely behind her. Panic filled her every bone as she picked up her pace. She couldn't let her apprehender know she could see him.

Gwen's stomach churned when she heard the footsteps begin to grow louder. Clenching her fist, she whirled around to find a gentleman holding brown packages in his arms. A smile spread across his face as he nodded his head "Bonjour!" he exclaimed. Gwen shook as she went to nod her head. A wave of relief came over her as she stood, alone, in the cold rain.

Picking back up her pace, she continued to walk through the ally ways of Paris. She was almost home and then she could crawl into her warm bed. Her pace quickened as she thought about the warm meal that might be waiting for her at the dinner table.

Soon, but not soon enough, Gwen stood in front of her house door. Wrapping her fingers around the handle she swung the door open. Gwen grinned when she saw her little sister standing on top of a chair bending over their large cooking pot. Smiling, she removed her hands from her warm leather black gloves and quietly set them on the coffee table. Stepping as quietly as she could she grabbed her little sister around the waist and spun her in the air. "Gwen!" she exclaimed. Her sister wrapped her tiny little hands around Gwen's neck. She set her little sister Marine on the ground. Gwen's eyes danced across the room as she frowned. "Where is Max, Marine?" Marine shrugged, as she climbed back up on the chair. "I'm not sure, I haven't seen him yet," she responded. Rolling her eyes, Gwen sat down on the table. "So, what's for dinner Miss. Chef?". Giggling, her sister sat a bowl of warm Bouillabaisse soup in front of her. Licking her lips, Gwen thanked her sister and spooned some of the soup into her mouth.

Gwen looked across the table after finishing her Bouillabaisse soup to see her sister's head bobbing up and down. The poor thing must be exhausted she thought. Gwen quietly rose from the table and scooped her sister into her arms and carried her up the stairs. Lying Marine in her bed, she tucked the covers around her small body and closed the door quietly behind her.

A warm smile spread across her face as she walked back down the stairs to put away the leftover food. While she was spooning the Bouillabaisse soup into a small container she heard the door open and then close. "Max! is that you? Come over here right now" Gwen exclaimed. "Oh hello sis, what's cooking?" he responded as he stood by her. Gwen put her hands on her hips as she turned to face him. "Where have you been?" Frowning, Max turned around and began to walk towards the stairs. "Why do you even care where I have been?" "Worry about yourself."

Gwen clenched her fists as she controlled her temper. Besides, Max was seventeen. He was almost an adult now.

Gwen was collecting the dishes when she heard a loud crash come from her brother's bedroom upstairs. Wiping her hands on her pants, Gwen flounced up the stairs and pushed her brother's door open. Her eyes darted around the room as she noticed her brother's bedroom window was open. As she approached the window she saw her brother running away from the house on the pedway below. Sighing, she shut the window, locked the doors to the house, and went to bed.


Gwen awoke in cold sweat. For reasons so couldn't explain her heart was racing and she felt as if a fog was clogging her mind. Glancing out the window she could see the moon shining brightly in the pale black sky. groggily climbing out of her bed. Gwen leaned out her window into the fresh, crisp, fall air. Sighing she let her arm dangle out the window.

While Gwen leaned out her window something caught her eye. She watched as a dark figure stealthfully darted through the dark ally way. Not only that, but they stopped right in front of her house. She watched as the strange figure rattle with the door for a minute, then fear spread across her face when she heard the door slowly creak open. Gwen quietly shut the window behind her and quickly darted across the hall into her brother's bedroom.

Gwen squinted as she focused in on the corner of the room. Relief washed over her when she saw the old worn baseball bat leaning against the wall. Rushing towards it she grasped it in her shaking hands. Gwen felt as if eyes were staring her down: but the last thing she wanted to do was have to turn around and face the figure.

Swaling her yelps she slowly turned to face the door. Sure enough, a figure stood in the doorway watching her. She wondered if he could see her, but surely he could see her. Couldn't he?

Author Notes: What do you guys think? should I continue the story?

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21 Sep, 2019
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