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Almost Kidnapped

Almost Kidnapped

By reachamongthestars

I usually don't walk home. But today, I felt like it, I missed the lush green field, a place where I had captured many pictures of sunsets and rainbows. This field is probably the only reason I walk home. It's a safe enough place, with many families and children riding bikes there, and the occasional bikers.

But the secluded parking lot hidden on the far side of the field is a different story. It is dark and shady, a perfect place for drug dealings, stabbings have occured in that exact spot, recorded in newspapers.

Today was a day like the others, and there were many children at the field. I felt happy and relaxed. My phone was playing up but I had my earphones on with no music, so I could hear things properly. Believe it or not, but this might have contributed heavily to my life. As I was about to enter the shady parking lot, I turned to look back one last time at the field in all its beauty and saw the children and their parents, nothing out of place. Satisfied, I proceeded to the car park, stopping a little to read a sign that read that litterers will be caught and fined on the spot and that there was surveillance. I muttered this out loud to myself "surveillance? yeah right"

The parking lot is filled with parked cars, and even though, it's only about forty meters long, the place is dangerous. If I cried for help, no one would have been able to hear or help me. I became self conscious, like someone was watching me, I turned around, and saw a tall, unfamiliar man with a cap on walking behind me. The first thought I got was that I couldn't see his eyes.  Now, my brain suddenly bolted into action and I ran the rest of the parking lot to the other side, which was the railway station.

So reader, think with me on this, I looked back at the end of the field and everything was fine, no creepy man, no one following me. I look back in the parking lot, surrounded by cars, and see a man. Something doesn't add up. I think the man was waiting in one of the cars. You might tell me that I'm lucky, and I am, because he could have hit me on the back of my head, and I would have been knocked unconscious. He was quite literally twice my size. I would also like to add that I hid in the station afterwards, to see if he would continue walking or come into the station as well. I saw nothing. The man had disappeared. It chills me to the bones. From now on, ALWAYS look behind you back when walking, it might just save your life.

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18 Mar, 2012
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2 mins
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