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By LuvScotty

There were times when I thought that the world didn't need me. That I was just some useless girl that nobody needed. That.. I was unwanted...

However, I only thought of myself, and I soon became blind with the world. I forgot who I was supposed to be, I forgot my role in the community, I became blind.

I couldn't be the person who I was once inside. I wanted to stop being who everyone wanted me to be, I wanted to be my own person, but I was too weak to even stand up and tell everyone that.. that I wanted to stop being their toy.

No matter how many times I scream for help in my mind, in reality, in my dreams, nobody came to my aid. I learned years ago that life wasn't like it was in the fairy tales. Like in Cinderella, a girl has two evil stepsisters and she was always used. One day when her stepmother and stepsisters went to the ball, she wept by herself. Wishing and wishing that she could to the ball. The all of a sudden, her fairy godmother came to the rescue. And then after all those moments with dancing with the prince, she and him lived happily ever after. I realized that the story never existed, and it was just some made up fairytale, which stories were.

I already know that in real life, things like that don't come true. My story, my life.. my world all came crashing down when I stopped believing. I stopped believing that someday, someone will come and save me. I stopped believing in my dreams. I stopped believing that this was just some kind of play. I stopped believing in the world. I stopped believing lies. I stopped believing myself... and everyone else.

I was always used. Used for their own purposes. I did everything I could, even sacrifice all I had just to make them stay by my side. I just didn't want to be abandoned. I didn't want to be left alone, I just wanted someone, at least one person to stay by my side. But now, I regret the decisions I made.

My story, my life, my world, my dreams... everything crashed to pieces the day I understood how the world worked.

My world is the darkness in my heart. Everything blacks out when I wake up. Everything.. I stopped believing. I stopped believing in the truth.. I stopped believing that it was reality.

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7 Apr, 2011
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2 mins
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