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Alpha-Part 1

Alpha-Part 1

By Alpha

For so long people have wondered what the meaning of life is but the truth is there is no meaning to life we just live our lives because we do because we were given life somehow so we live it. I am not like everyone else I am not like you. Whereas everyone else thinks how and why we live and then they forget about it and go back to checking Facebook or playing their video games I don’t do that simply because it drives me insane! Not knowing how or why we were created, my name is Kieran John Oxley and two weeks ago I became an ALPHA.

Let me start at the beginning. so I’m scientist working on studies of evolution to be honest it's mostly paperwork none of that crazy chemical and potion stuff you see in the movies no, just boring old paper work but last Tuesday, I think, I was walking home and it's safe to say I don’t live in the best neighbourhood I was walking down a dark alley, cliché I know! Anyway I see a dark figure in front of me wearing a hoody he gets out a knife and shouts drop your wallet on the floor but he keeps his distance, he was nowhere near enough to hurt me so I turn to run and BAM! A guy injects me with something I don’t know what because about two seconds later I’m on the floor and everything’s blurry and this constant ringing noise in my ears is just getting worse and worse.

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About This Story
2 Feb, 2013
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1 min
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