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The hands of the clock met each other at twelve. Still her eyes refused to cooperate to sleep. Maybe she needs another dose of Aspirin. Popping another pill, she crawled to the refrigerator to get some water. The light from the inside distracted her only for a second, when the invitiation caught her attention. The bold letters of his name caused a big lump in her throat; even bigger one in her heart. Time pedalled faster than she expected. Three years of backlogged emotions and memories suppressed the effect of that aspirin.

Their love began just like everyone's, in college. She was chasing her dream in medicine and he in the world of airplanes. They were unconditionally in love and were envied by almost everyone in their circle of friends. Maybe thats why it did not work out between them."'What could be that be reason?" her mind pondered over unknown territories. She have been having this conversation over her mind far too many times. "Not again.. And definitely not today, when he is going to be someone else's." she convinced herself. With hefty thoughts and aspirin inducing melatonin, she plunged into her sleep.

She woke up with the first sound of her alarm not having to snooze. She just spent five mintues to bathe herself. "Just the essentials." she reminded her again. Standing in front her vanity mirror, she pulled her favorite, his favorite mid blue maxi dress. "Will he remember this?" againing pondering over unknown waters. "Focus girl. He is not yours anymore. You walked over him." Funny how our body pulls out a satirical comedy with the thought of meeting him again after all these years.

The wedding hall was decorated just how she had described, but with just one alteration, the bride.. "It is not your wedding. Focus and pull out your smile." She had to remind her yet again. Greeting her old mates she settled down in the second row. "He seem to be happy and so does the bride. Maybe he really likes her now. Did I do a mistake by breaking it up?" her thoughts start to wander.

"Hey can you take a picture from this phone." an older lady handed her the phone. "Of course." she smiled and received the phone. It only took her a second to recognize the phone. "It's his." she breathed. "It's locked", before she could finish, force of habit, her thumb pressed over the touchID and it opened.

She looked at him and remembered the only thing he said, "always."

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18 Feb, 2017
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2 mins
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