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Always and Forever?
Always and Forever?

Always and Forever?

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The day was sunny, bright and quite hot. You could feel the sun burning on your skin, almost eating you alive and it was only eight in the morning. Char sipped from her coffee while reading the newspaper calmly - no one really knew why she liked newspapers so much, but it seemed to calm her - and then stood up. She grabbed her phone and started typing a message to Isaac, her boyfriend who had to move back to England.

‘I just wanted to tell you that maybe, it’s just better for us to break up. I can’t handle the thought of you being thousands of miles away from me and the heartbreaking feeling when I think that there’s a big chance you’ll find another girl who’s better than me. I love you, but I don’t deserve you. Love, Char.’

As soon as she finished typing it, she sent it and the tears immediately started streaming down her face. She wanted to slam her phone against the wall. So, she did that. The heartbroken girl buried her face in her hands, feeling her heart torn into small pieces. Over and over and over again. Even though it wasn’t her first heartbreak, this felt way worse. It hurt. It hurt so much. Maybe it was because she truly loved him, but she couldn’t be selfish. At least not this time. If you really loved someone, you had to let them go even if it hurt you. It would make them happier and that was her priority. She wanted to make him happy because she was unable of doing that herself. Char wanted to set him free.

After - what felt had been - hours of crying, hugging the big teddybear she got from Isaac and listening to some sad songs, she heard the doorbell. Char doubted - she probably looked horrible from all the crying and she was still in her pajamas - but then, she ran downstairs and opened the door.

‘’I-Isaac?’’ His eyes were glossy and you could clearly see he was on the point of breaking down. God, Char felt so guilty. She did this to him. Again.
‘’W-Why are you h-here?’’ Her voice started stuttering and she wasn’t able to stop that. Isaac looked down at his phone and shook his head. ‘’I thought you were in England..’’ She continued, still quite astonished of the fact her boyfriend - well, ex boyfriend - was standing right in front of her.

‘’I wanted to surprise you..’’ His voice was a small whisper and you wouldn’t have been able to hear it properly if you weren’t paying attention. ‘’But as soon as I got out of the plane.. I received your text. Y-You broke up with me?’’ Isaac himself could feel his heart break as soon as he said his thoughts out loud. Char stood there, completely surprised and speechless. She had no idea what to say anymore.

‘’I-I..’’ She lost her words, the self-confident yet insecure girl lost her words. Her eyes wandered up to his face and saw that he was really crying. ‘’No no no, shit. P-Please Isaac, I wanted to make you happy and-and God, you deserve better!’’ His promises roamed through her head ‘I’ll never let you go’ ‘I love you so much, I don’t want anyone else’ ‘always and forever’, which resulted in a crying Char again.

‘’Char.. You know I don’t want anyone else. P-Please..’’ He grabbed a small box from his pocket and shook his head. ‘’I came back for you. I wanted to surprise you with this..’’ Isaac flipped the small box open and it revealed a beautiful diamond ring. He looked up and smiled weakly, still crying soundlessly. Char looked at the ring. It was truly beautiful. They had been together for about four years and things were getting more serious, but the dumb prick she always was, she wanted to make him ‘happier’ by breaking up.
‘’I truly hope you didn’t mean what you said over text..’’ He went down on one knee and sighed deeply. ‘’Because otherwise, this is going to be true bullshit.’’ He bit his lip and looked up again. The girl felt a flow of ecstasy and surprise at the same time. She could feel how her knees started to give up on her weight and how her hands were shaking.

‘’Charlene Ilya Rogers,’’ he started and looked at her, smiling happily and quickly wiped away his tears. ‘’I love you, so so so much.. And when I read your message, I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces. I know you don’t mean it, I know that you want to make everyone happy but this is not how you make me happy,’’ A small laugh escaped his lips as he wiped another tear away. ‘’You’re best thing that has ever happened to me. When I met you, I felt my heart skip a beat even though I was with Fae that night. I remember how broken you were and I clearly remember how I wanted to comfort you. But that would’ve probably weirded you out. I mean.. A complete stranger who’s hooking up with her best friend..’’ Char laughed softly and sniffed, then wiped her tears away with her sleeve.

‘’I remember everything. I remember every moment we had together. Thinking of it makes me smile. Just the thought that you’re mine makes me so happy Char.’’ Char herself had this happy, goofy smile plastered on her face. Gosh, who would’ve thought that he would propose to her.
‘’So this is why. This is why I came back, I’m moving here, Charlene. I want to be with you forever. Charlene Ilya Rogers, would you do the honour of marrying me in the near future?’’ He looked at her hopefully and all she could was stare at him. Like a miracle just happened - well it actually was miracle to her, but lets put that aside - and nodded. Then nodded again and again.
‘’Yes! Oh my God, yes Isaac yes!’’ He got up and Char hugged him tight. They were both smiling happily, both looking like total idiots probably and thereafter, he slipped the ring on her finger. ‘’Can’t believe you proposed..’’ She whispered softly while looking at the ring astonished of its beauty. Isaac pulled her chin up and smiled.

‘’Always and forever.’’ He said with a big smile on his face.

‘’Always and forever.’’

Author Notes: Little side note: this is my ship with edited names and stuff, so if you'd like a prelude or something; tell me!

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2 Feb, 2017
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