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Always in your shadow
Always in your shadow

Always in your shadow

2 Reviews

I feel as if I’m always in your shadow. Always expected to be as good as you and make the same choices that you would make. I try to be myself, but all my accomplishments are overshadowed by your own. I got a 95% on the math test, but you took a test too and got a 100%. What I do is never as important as what you are doing. That may be true, but for once I want to be seen as my own person. Not just someone who always falls short of what you are doing. Not just someone who has to make the same choices as you or is considered immature and not thinking of my future. How are you so perfect? How can you do no wrong, but everything I do is wrong. Why do I have to be as good as you? I want to quit orchestra, but of course you do orchestra and you make it so I’m not allowed to quit because of course if you love orchestra, then I must love orchestra too. I have to be the same person as you, but I always fall short. I will always be hidden in your shadow just waiting for someone to finally say, “wow, you did such a good job and I’m so proud of you.” Just because you are the model student, daughter, sister, friend, do I really have to do every single thing that you’ve done? The shadows are cold and full of dispair. So just for once I would like to be my own person, not the child who will never seem to be as good as her perfect older sister. I’m tired of being your shadow, I want my accomplishments to be seen, not just overlooked in comparison to yours. I want to be me.

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28 Apr, 2019
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1 min
5.0 (2 reviews)

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