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Always Striving for Better
Always Striving for Better

Always Striving for Better

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I hurt her once and planted the seeds of fear
Yet she gave me another chance.
I pushed her away only to pull her near
In a cruel sort of dance.

I built up her hopes and promised the world
Yet when it got hard to love her I ran.
Like a banner in the wind her fears unfurled
Because I thought she didn't fit in my plan.

I thought she wasn’t supposed to be mine,
I thought that I didn't deserve her.
Yet now I see my naivety in every line;
I can’t see myself without her.
I still believe she deserves better,
But I no longer believe that means someone other than me.
I no longer believe we shouldn’t be together,
I simply believe in love, though it may be a mystery.
I won’t push her away because I think she’d be happy without me
I choose to love her through it all.
I want to be the man I know that she sees,
The one who will catch her if she falls.

I want to hold her hand as we watch leaves twist and swirl to the ground,
Spin her in circles as her eyes dance and spark.
Make her laugh so hard she snorts as I grin at the sound,
Hold her as the sun sets and the sky grows dark.
Kiss her hard and feel her heart begin to pound,
Study the love in her eyes as we lie in the park.

I want to grow old with her,
I want to watch her age.
I want to laugh and cry with her,
I want to ease her rage.
I want to write each chapter of my life with her
And find joy on every page.

I want to be worthy of her love,
But I feel I never will be.
Yet if my goal is always far above
Then, always, there is hope for me.
Complacency is the antithesis of progress,
And so I must always strive to be better.
The moment I stop trying is the moment I regress,
The moment I no longer deserve her.

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6 Oct, 2019
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